• EVHS Automotive SkillsUSA

                   EVHS Automotive SkillsUSA is dedicated to student learning and preparing  our automotive students for industry related jobs and careers.
    SkillsUSA Officers
    Left to Right: Carlos Paramo, Patriot 1 Commander; Hayden Manrose, Sergeant of Arms; Alejandro Rico, Patriot 1 Commander; Will Montgomery, Reporter;
    David Rios, Vice President;  Jonathan Evans, Treasurer; Cristian Aguiler; Secretary; Julian Newman, President; Jacob Puckett, Sergeant of Arms
    We are currently working on our National charter and State chapter number.  Program officers have been elected for school year 2012-2013.  Our program will be ready for National and State registrations beginning in August 2012.  Our goal for the new chapter is to have 100 percent participation for National registration.

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