•                                                               Accounting II                                                                 

    Accounting II reviews the Accounting cycle as the students are introduced to applying the cycle to corporation accounting.  Specialized areas of Accounting will be introduced.  These areas include inventory, plant assets, depreciation, as well as accounting procedures involving stocks, bonds, and how a corporation raises capital. 

    Computer simulations will be utilized twice a year to enhance mastery of Accounting II concepts.  

    Accounting II students are eligible for articulation credit through Austin Community College.  Students who complete both the Accounting I and Accounting II courses, achieve a grade of 80 or above, and successfully complete the ACC Accounting End of Course exam will receive course credit through Austin Community College.

    UIL Academics: Students have the opportunity to compete in academic UIL in the area of Accounting. Students attend practice meet during the Fall and early Spring months in preparation for the district UIL meet in March. Weekly practice times will be available for students to prepare for the practice meets.
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