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  • Join the Orchestra

    Come to the Instrument Petting Zoo find out which instrument you like!! 
    In GISD, students have the privilege of participating in the Fine Arts, including Orchestra. Participating in Orchestra is an extremely rewarding experience for students by positively influencing their education, social/emotional development, and cultural knowledge. Students about to enter their 6th grade year in GISD can choose to be in Orchestra! This page keeps prospective students updated on how to join orchestra and answer questions about the program. 

    10 Tips for NEW Orchestra students:

    RENT an instrument from a reputable string shop! See the Files and Forms page for recommended rental shops. If you are interested in purchasing an instrument, contact your child's director or private instructor BEFORE you begin this process. NEVER purchase a stringed instrument online unless approved by your director/private instructor. Make sure you know what is included in the rental and if there is an incentive program with your rental.
    2. GET SIZED! 
    Stringed instruments are unique in that they come in a variety of sizes to fit each student perfectly. Having an appropriately sized instrument is the most important aspect of a child's initial success. String teachers tend to have their own philosophy on instrument sizing so check with your director if you do not know what size instrument your child needs for class.
    Every rental should come with some basic accessories including the instrument, bow and a case. You might need to purchase other accessories that are not included in the rental...
    • Violin/Viola: Rosin, Shoulder Rest or Sponge, Cleaning Cloth, Tuner
    • Cello/Bass: Rosin, Rock Stop, Cleaning Cloth, Tuner

    In their first year at Benold, all beginning orchestra students must have the following...

       Black 1" Binder
       Extra set of strings (NO RED LABEL STRINGS ALLOWED!!! They are cheap for a reason)
       NO PAGE PROTECTORS!!! Students will need to mark music frequently and quickly in class.  Page protectors cause students to lose a lot of extra time while everyone else waits for them to remove their music from the page protector, find a pencil, mark the music, then return it to the page protector again. 
       Note-book paper - about 10 sheets
       Suzuki, Volume I, REVISED EDITION

    *You may purchase these books at most music stores or instrument rental shops. You can also purchase online at www.sharmusic.com


    Students must trim their fingernails frequently and keep their hands clean when handling their instrument. Long nails make it impossible to place fingers on the strings correctly. It also causes the strings to wear away quickly, costing parents money. Dirt on the hands makes the instrument sticky and difficult to play.

    5. CLOTHING!

    Beginning Orchestra students will receive an orchestra t-shirt. Students will wear these shirts at almost every performance throughout the year. Cost of the t-shirt is included in the yearly activity fee.

    6. TRIPS!

    Orchestra students go on a few field trips throughout their first year!

    7. CONCERTS!

    Students will perform in the Fall, Winter, and Spring UIL, Solo/Ensemble and a Pops Concert at the end of the school year. Orchestra Concerts are all in Georgetown ISD. Dates will be on the website/CHARMS calendar. 

    8. CHARMS!

    You will receive instructions on how to sign up to use CHARMS to stay in the loop about Orchestra. CHARMS is a web-based program the Fine Arts teachers use to deliver information, communicate, ask for volunteers, and much more. https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/login.asp


    Our Orchestras in GISD will always need extra help! Please sign up to be a volunteer in GISD and consider volunteering at our events! Your help makes our program run smoothly.  http://www.georgetownisd.org/Page/149