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    On this page, I hope to answer some general questions you my have about our tennis program.  Please feel free tocontact me if you have additional questions.webpage. 


    ·        Tennis is offered January through April  for both 7th and 8th grade boys and girls.


    ·        Everyathlete is required to have a physical before they are able to participate inworkouts.  It is strongly suggested to complete these physicals during thesummer so when the first day of school arrives, there is nothing to worry about.  Physical packets will be passed out to all athletes at the beginning of May in order to prepare for the next school year.

    ·        Tennis consists of a Spring season. (Spring starts up in February and ends in April.) 

    ·        Athletes may join tennis after completing another sport (volleyball, football) as longas the coach is made aware of this before tryouts and there is room on the team.

    ·        According to the number of students that sign up for tennis, there may or may not be tryouts.

    ·        All tennis players must dress out everyday for tennis.  This consists of dark colored shorts (blue or black) preferably w/pockets and a white or grayt-shirt..  Girls may wear tennis skirts if they choose.  We will bepurchasing a cheap workout shirt for all the players to wear forpractice.  Information about this will be sent home by the coach.  We will also purchase a competition t-shirt  for matches and tournaments.  These shirts will only be purchased once.

    ·   All players will be issued a locker and lock.  Please encourage your child to lock everything up.  Things have been stolen.  If the lock is lost, there will be a $5 charge.

    ·        All players are asked to bring 3 cans of tennis balls to the coach at the beginningof each semester.

    ·        Dual Matches will be played during the season on weekdays.  A maximum of 1 match per week will be played.  Tournaments are played on Saturdays. Usually there is about 2 fall tournaments and 3 spring tournaments.  A monthly calendar will be sent home with each player to notify of practice times and match/tourney schedule.  Practice times may change depending on the match schedule and this will be noted on the workout calendar.

    ·        Bussing is provided for all matches.  If the match is played in Georgetown, the players are bussed to Tippit or Forbes and the parents are asked to pick their child up at that school.  The players will not be bussed back toBenold after a Georgetown Match.  

    ·        Bussing is provided to and from all out of town tournaments.  The child must ride the bus to an out of town tournament but has the option of riding home w/their parent if their parent comes to the tournament.  Players are only allowed to ride home with their own parent,  not a friends parent.  For all in town tournaments (Forbes, Tippit, and HS), the players are asked to meet the team at that site.  No bussing provided.


    ·        Please feel free to contact Coach Pete if you have any further questions by email:  polkinghornp@georgetownisd.org