Lady Titan Coaching Staff

  • Lady Titan Coaching Staff 

    It is great pleasure that we get to call ourselves Lady Titan Coaches.  We enjoy our jobs and we love working with our students.  We understand that we are their coach during this pivotal time in their lives and these are the years that they go through many changes. 
    Below you will find each member of our team and more about us.  

    Coach Reyes
    Amanda Reyes
    Girls Coordinator 
    PH:  512-943-5040 x 6434

    What you’re coaching: 8th Volleyball and Track
    What you’re teaching: Girls Athletics and 6th grade Pre-Athletics
    Where did you go to High School: Reagan (Austin) High School
    What college: Odessa Junior College, Howard Payne University and Southwestern AG University
    Family: My family and I moved to Georgetown in 2008 and it has been my home ever since.  My son and I loved it right away and made fast friends. Our family has since grown as I married Coach Reyes and our family went from 2 - 6.  My parents are also close by and big supporters of our Lady Titans and you will often see them in the stands cheering us on. I also love my furry friends and have 3 sweet doggies and a beautiful bird. I would have more, but my family refuses. :) 
    Favorite sport and memory: I have two favorite sports, volleyball and basketball. I have many different favorite memories, but most of all I loved traveling with my college teams all over Texas and surrounding states. 
    Hobbies: One of my favorite past times is to visit thrift shops and find unigue ways to decorate.  You will also find me often times on bleachers watching my boys compete on the baseball field. 
    What are you most looking forward to each shool year? Middle school is the year of  a lot of changes and our Titans make great strides in the three years that we have them.  I love to watch them mature, develop and reach their goals. It also makes me so proud to see how they become confident young women and a tight Titan family. 

    Coach Brantley
    Tracy Brantley
    Asst. Girls Coordinator
    PH: 512-943-5040 X 6481

    What I coach: Coach Track and Soccer, Off-Season & travel coach for Volleyball and Basketball
    My teaching assignment: Girls Athletics, 6th grade Pre-Athletics, 6th grade PE
    High School: Leander High School
    College: Texas A&M University WHOOP!
    Family: My family consists of my husband of 6 years, Three, and our four year old son, Four. So they are the third and the fourth respectively and instead of going by their first name, they go by their number!
    Favorite sport and memory: My favorite sport is soccer! Before coming to Tippit, I was the varsity coach in Lampasas and took my teams to district champs and 3 rounds into the playoffs 3 years straight. Those times held some great memories.
    Hobbies: I love spending time with my family outdoors, at a park, hiking, swimming, anything. On the other hand, I do cherish that little time alone I have when I get to relax and read or watch a sappy Hallmark movie!!
    What I most look forward to each school year? I love being able to see each girl grow and change so much from the first time we meet in 6th grade up until they leave us in 8th grade to go onto high school.

    Coach Harris
    Angela Harris
    Health Coordinator
    PH: 512-943- 5040 X 6456

    What I coach: Cross Country and Tennis
    My teaching assignment: Tennis, High School Health, and Teen Leadership
    High School: Jefferson High School
    College: University of Maryland and Cameron University
    Family:  In 2001, my final duty station landed me at Fort Hood, TX!  My oldest daughter was 8 years old at that time. She’s now 27.  Since then, i’ve had two additional children, now age 15 and 17. So, I have 3 of the best children ever!!
    Favorite sport and memory: Winning the 2018 Georgetown district Tennis championship! AWESOME!  
    Hobbies:  When I have time, I love teaching group fitness classes  and of spending time playing games and hanging out with my children.
    What I most look forward to each school year?  Honestly, I look forward to the end of each year!  I love to see the fruit of my labor in the lives of our teen generation.  It’s always gratifying to see the positive impact a school year of teaching can have on a students life!  The rewards are much greater than the sacrifice.

    Coach Porter
    Ellen Porter
    512-943-5040 x 6434

    What you’re coaching: 7th Volleyball, 8th Basketball, Track
    What you’re teaching: 8th Grade Language Art
    Where did you go to High School: Georgetown High School
    What college: Texas State University
    Family: My parents live here in Georgetown. I have 3 older brothers- oldest lives in Nashville, second oldest is deployed, third oldest lives in Los Angeles. My younger sister is a coach at EV and lives with her husband here in Georgetown as well.
    Favorite sport and memory: My favorite sport is Track and Field. I love the sprint relays and hurdles. My favorite memory is winning the district meets.Hobbies: I love to be outdoors with my dog. We are always hiking or running in a park.
    What are you most looking forward to this year? I am looking forward to the new adventures of getting to know my middle school students and working with my new colleagues.

    Coach Robertson
    Rachael Robertson
    PH: 512-943-5040 x 6434

    What you’re coaching: 7th Basketball, Track
    What you’re teaching: Athletics & Reading Interventions
    Where did you go to High School: Fredericksburg High School
    What college: Texas Tech University
    Family: My husband and I have 2 boys, a dog, and a turtle.
    Favorite sport and memory: My favorite sport to play is basketball. I can’t pick just one favorite memory!  I loved it all.
    Hobbies: R&R (running and reading)
    What are you most looking forward to this year? I am looking forward to  “getting back in the game” (as a coach this time) and taking that excitement, encouragement, and motivation to the classroom.

    Coach Michalka
    Terri Michalka
    7th & 8th grade PE Lighthouse Coordinator
    PH: 512-943-5040 X 6434

    What I coach: 7th & 8th grade girls PE.
    My teaching assignment: Media Publications Class
    High School: Midway High School
    College: Texas A&M University
    Family: Married 34 years, 2 daughters and 1 son in law
    Favorite sport and memory: My favorite sports are VB and BB, watching FB. My favorite memory is running into my house and telling my mom I made the BB team in middle school which led to State Basketball Championships and playing at at Jr College.  
    Hobbies: I like to be outdoors working with my hands.
    What I most look forward to each school year? Watching the young students grow into young adults. The reward is priceless knowing I had a small part in that transformation.