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  •  Lady Titan Track


      Click on the following link to download and print the schedule:

    Titan Track Information PowerPoint


    Please click the following link to see what your athlete is participating in at the Hutto Meet. 

    Wagner 7th grade meet sheet

    Wagner 8th grade Meet sheet



    Tippit Girls Athletic Coordinator: reyesa@georgetownisd.org

    Phone: 512-943-5040 Ext. 6434                     

     Hello Titan Parents!!

     Below is some helpful information for you to know about this season.

    During the Athletics Period:  

    We have broken the girls up into 4 running groups; sprinting, mid distance, distance and training. Each group reports to their group coach for attendance, injuries and any other concerns.  Our goal is to set up a team atmosphere for the different running events and camaraderie between the girls. We will be timing the girls to push them to get ready for competition and celebrating their personal records through out the season. Grading rubrics will be used for each group and will be posted on our website and hallway as soon as they are established.  


    Group coaches:  

    Sprinting – Ellen Porter    - porterd@georgetownisd.org  

    Mid Distance – Amanda Reyes – reyesa@georgetownisd.org  

    Distance – Rachael Robertson – robertsonr@georgetownisd.org  

    Soccer & Off season Training – Tracy Brantley – brantleyt@georgetownisd.org  


    Before school practice: 

    Track will start Feb. 11th and all practices will be held at Eastview HS in the mornings.  We are asking that students be dropped off at 6:45- 6:50 and practices at Eastview. More Information to come.

    On rainy days we will either practice inside in the gyms and weight room or we will cancel it. If we do cancel it we will make the decision before the end of the day, so students can make their busses or get word to you if they are a car rider.  We will also be sending out text through remind 101. If you have not signed up yet, please see our website to sign up for reminders.  


    Track  Meets: 

    Our track meets this year is on Thursday. We will be leaving straight from school to the meet sight. Please see the schedule attached.  We will provide meals before the students leave school.  It will be $5 a meal and they will need to turn in their money on the Friday before the meet.  All meets except for the meet at Taylor middle school the girls will have to be picked up from the meet site.  There will be a bus bringing the girls back from Taylor to Tippit.   A coach will stay with them until they are all picked up at all sites.   


    Track meet times:  

    Field Events: 4:30

    2400 run: 4:45

    All other running events: 6 pm

    Each track meet is run by different schools, so we can not guarantee when your child's event will run.  We will do our best to keep them on time.  Your child will know the order of events and can text or call to update you on how the meet is progressing.  We also can not guarantee when the meets will be over.  We will do our best to send a remind text when we are leaving the meet site, but please understand if we fail to do so.  We love coaching your athletes and often get wrapped up with them in the moment of competition. We will also ask them to text or call you as we are heading home.  



    The weather this time of year is always tricky.  We can start running in beautiful 70degree weather, but end in cold, damp 40's –50's.  Please make sure that your daughter brings layers to wear and also a blanket if needed.  Also during Athletics class we will practice in cold weather.  It is a good idea for them to keep a sweat shirt or tights available in the athletics locker in case they need it.  


    Track T-shirts:  

    The practice shirt will be used for practice.  We would like each girl to have one of these shirts for class.  They will wear their team shirt instead of the red athletics shirt.  If the are financial concerns, please have your student let their coach know.  Practice shirts cost $5. 


    If you can not make the payment now, but would like to still get one you can post date a check and please add a note to the bottom of the form.  Make all checks out to Tippit Girls Athletics.  


    We will also have Track team shirts for the boys and girls to buy.  We will get more information out as soon as we can. 

    Thank you as always for sharing your daughters with us.  We enjoy working with them everyday and pushing them to exceed their own expectations and experience success.  We love it when they say, "I didn't think I could do that" and it is our goal that those feelings of success and confidence are something they carry with them for the rest of their life.  

    Please email us if you have any questions or concerns and if you would like sign up on the specific Remind 101 group. Follow the directions below. 
    Thank you, 
           Lady Titan Coaches
    remind 101 track  
       If you would like to receive info about cancellations or any other news from the coaches then please send a text to 512-746-1329 with the message @titantrack .
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