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    Tuesday Folders!

    Each week, your 4th grader will bring home a Tuesday Folder. This folder will include graded work, notes from school/PTA and/or information from the community. Please spend a few minutes looking over your child's work. This is a great way to look at what your Scholar is learning.      

  • Attendance 

    • Please call the attendence clerk the morning that your student will be absent.
    • To ensure that your child is receiving the highest quality of instruction, when possible, please schedule appointments outside of school hours.  
    • If your scholar has a Dr. appointment, please send in a note to excuse the absence. 
    • If your child was ill, please send us a note explaining their absence. 
    • If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent, please contact the teacher(s) a day in advance to see if Make Up work will be needed. 
    • If you are planning any type of extended trip, please notify your homeroom teacher at least week in advances in order to gather appropriate work, if necessary. 

  • Change in Transportation 

    Communicate with the front office is their will be a change in transportation.