• This webpage lists different education-based options for our students with disabilities.

  • Vocational Training at GHS & EVHS.  For more information, contact Ryne Foster, GISD Transition Specialist, at fosterr1@georgetownisd.org or (512) 943-5000 ext 6089.


    This course is designed to be taken with VOC Experience. The class facilitates the individualized entry-level employment to prepare the student for the world of work. These courses places emphasis on: career information/ transition, work habits, employer expectations, employment information, job-seeking skills, work simulations, the completion of work-related forms and the study of specific companies. This course will enable students to learn about work-related behavior, such as attendance, punctuality, and cooperation with co-workers. They also help students to develop the basic skills and attitudes, such as work-related vocabulary, manual dexterity, and gross and fine motor skills, they will need for success in life.


    This course is an entry-level employment program. The program offers a supervised work-study experience with a focus on good work habits and sustained employment. Students are required to maintain a minimum number of work hours per week and to comply with instructor and supervisor requirements. This course enables students to experience a comprehensive and dynamic vocational atmosphere which prepares each student to capably handle present and future work assignment.


    Students will learn pre-employment and employment skills including career awareness, work behavior, job procurement and maintenance as well as job-specific skills. This course will enable students to learn what their needs, skills, and interests are and how these relate to the work force. They learn about worker classifications, self-awareness, career types, job maintenance skills, occupations, and employment trends.


    Students will learn employment skills within a variety of community vocational settings. Demonstrate work ethic by observing workplace rules, exhibit social skills/behaviors appropriate for the work environment, and performing assigned duties as directed by the employer. Students are expected to dress accordance to the rules set by the employers work site. A job coach will provide direct support and supervision. 


    This specially designed program is based on independence and preparation of young adults for life after high school by providing vocational transition skills training. Bridges currently has two tiers of operation. These young adults are able to access the Bridges program until their IEP goals and objectives are met, and/or they age out.


    After all high school credits have been met, Project Search is a nine month internship for young adults that takes place at a Seton Healthcare facility.  It is an intensive training where interns gain the competitive skills they need to meet the demands of today’s challenging workforce.


    Career and Technical Education in Georgetown ISD is focused on meeting the individual needs of all students by providing curricula to meet the demands of our 21st Century global economy. It is the goal of Georgetown’s Career and Technical Education Program to provide relevant, career-related experiences and rigorous, high-quality academic instruction to ensure that each and every student attains mastery of the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a lifetime of success. Georgetown ISD aligns with the Achieve Texas initiative to provide students with a rigorous and relevant high school experience based upon high academic standards and cutting-edge technical instruction supported through real-world connectivity and hands-on experience. All students have the opportunity to enroll in Career and Technical Education courses along with the more traditional academic courses. Enrollment in Career and Technical Education courses is open to all qualified students without regard to race, color, creed, religious affiliation, sex or handicapping conditions.

  • Georgetown Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin, or disability in providing education services, activities or programs.It is the intent and policy of this District to conduct its activities in compliance with all Federal and State laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin, or disability.

    El Distrito Independiente Escolar de Georgetown no discrimina a base de raza, sexo, edad, religion, color, origen nacional, o incapacidad en proveer servicios educacionales, actividades, o programas. Es la intencion y norma del Distrito de conducir sus actividades de acuerdo con todas las leyes Federales y Estatales prohibiendo discriminacion a base de raza, sexo, edad, religion,color, origen nacional o incapacida