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    At East View High School we place a strong emphasis on the benefits of strength training.

    This strength training is equally important for male and female athletes. Proper strength training will promote explosive athletes. Just as important this program will strengthen areas in order to decrease the chance of injury.

    Our strength training will develop many aspects of a well-rounded athlete. Speed, Agility, Coordination, and Dynamic movement training are all very important aspects of our off-season. Because all the coaches at East View are working under the same strength training program we have the opportunity to closely monitor the physical development of all the athletes.

    By the time the younger girls are competing at a Varsity Level, they will be safely and efficiently performing some of the most beneficial and advanced resistance exercises available. These lifting practices will directly benefit every sport and every athlete. 

    Wide variety of Exercises

    Explosive Weight Training

    is the process of utilizing Olympic style lifts such as Power Clean, Hang Clean, Clean and Jerk, Snatch, and Push Presses. If taught and performed correctly these lifts will offer our athletes a distinct advantage in speed and power development over programs that only perform the basic lifts.

    It has also been proven that “explosive weight training over a period of time will prepare the student-athletes body for the traumatic forces of high level competition.” (Elite fitness) While also improving speed and power phases of competition, such as increased vertical and quickness off the floor.

    Base Lifts


    The “Back Squat” is the single most effective way to build power in the Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus, Hip Flexors, and Calf muscles at the same time. It is important to use multi-joint movements with free weights because it directly simulates athletic movements. The Squat exercise will also greatly strengthen the “core” region (lower spinal erectors, oblique, and abdomen).

    Bench and Incline

    The importance of the upper body lifts is not just the arms but the shoulders and chest. These lifts will promote stability in these areas and prevent injury.

    Supplemental Lifting


    At EVHS we do not feel that athletes should only do rehab type exercises to recover from athletic injuries. We utilize the latest techniques and exercises to strengthen stabilizer muscles to prevent injuries before they happen.

    Because court sports and field sports utilize different body movements, once the athlete develops base core strength we promote strength and stabilization in specific areas to help the athletes in their particular sport.

    It is also very important that the athletes train all body parts equally. One of the biggest problems associated with programs is athletes creating muscle imbalances which lead to injury and ineffective body development.


  • The Clean

  • Explosive and Olympic

  • Squat

  • Lunge Routine

  • Core Routine

  • Aux Lifts