Jeanna Jones
    Jeanna Jones
    Gifted & Talented

          UIL Coordinator (see page link on left)
          Number Sense Coach

           Room 307 
          512-943-5080 Ext 6836
    -University of Oklahoma, (Bachelor of Science in Education)
    -University of Texas, Brownsville, (Study in Piano Performance / Jazz )
    Teaching Experience:
    -Joshua ISD, 6th Grade
    -Crowley ISD (Fort Worth), 6th Grade, GT Cluster
    -Georgetown ISD (Purl & Williams), 1st - 5th GT
    Get to Know Mrs. Jones:
    Family:  My wonderful husband and I have been married for 27 years and have two children in college. Our son, Nathan, is a Senior at Baylor University and our daughter, Shelby, is a Freshman at the University of Texas in Austin.  We won't have an empty nest for long as we plan to foster parent.

    Hobbies & Interests: I love to play piano, paint, photography & videography, reading, computers & technology, sports, travel, and spending time in the mountains.
    GT Extension Classes:

    GT Extension class is an enrichment class for students identified as gifted learners. It is meant to enrich, not replace differentiation in the core subject areas.  Differentiation in the core areas is served by the cluster teacher.  The GT Extension class was created to support the GISD policies and procedures for gifted learners to help GT students excel in research and create excellent products with a STEM focus while challenging their capabilities in learning.

    GT Extension class is project based learning, using integrated thematic units & technology. We begin computer programming/coding as early as 1st grade and use a variety of Robotics while programming. 
    1st - 2nd Grade: Coding/Programming, Robotics, Olympics, Greek Mythology, Lego WeDo Robotics, Green Screen stories/reporting, *All Things Google & more!

    3rd Grade: Island Survival with Green Screen Stories/Reporting, Coding/Programming, Robotics with Dash & Dot, Engineering (using Lego Simple & Powered Machines, *All Things Google & more!

    4th Grade:  Engineering (using Lego Simple & Powered Machines with renewable energy), Coding/Programming, Robotics with Dash & Dot, Green Screen Stories/Reporting, Inventions with Shark Tank, All Things Google, & more!

    5th Grade:  Robotics Unit (using Lego EV3 Mindstorms), Coding/Programming, Robotics, Green Screen Stories/Reporting, Culture Shock Unit, *All Things Google, & more!
    *All Things Google: Classroom, Slides, Sites, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Drawing, Email, Hangouts, Groups, Maps, Earth, etc.

    In the Spring of 2011, the 5th Grade GT Extension class created a Video Documentary:  "Williams Elementary:  A Georgetown School With an Amazing Past".  This incredible documentary tells the story of our school's rich history (original location of Southwestern University, Georgetown High School for more than 50 years, Georgetown Junior High, and how we have transformed our school into our award winning Williams Elementary School. 

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