Choir bucks are awarded multiple times per class period

Awesome kids should be rewarded!!

  • Choir Bucks are an incentive program to encourage students who participate and bring enthusiasm and a positive attitude to Choir.

    Choir bucks can be given for:

    • correct answer to a teacher question
    • proper singing technique
    • assisting the teacher
    • completing an assignment early
    • attending extra rehearsals or tutorials
    • acting as a student leader or model citizen
    • turning in Practice Point sheets
    • otherwise exemplifying the qualities that are valued in the Forbes Choir Program.
    Students who have earned Choir Bucks are invited to come to the Choir room after school on Thursday or Friday, when the "Store" will be open. At that time, they can trade in their Bucks for treats, prizes, and class privileges like extra passes or early pack-up time. Choir Bucks have no monetary value, but stealing/destroying Bucks that were given to another Choir student will be treated with disciplinary action.