• Online Applications

     Apply Online using these sites:
    You will need to create an account so be prepared to save your logins and Passwords someplace you will be able to access them.  Be sure to use an e-mail account that you use regularly since that is the method of communication most college use.

  • Sending Transcripts to Colleges

    Alumni should contact the Registrar's office to request a transcript by one of the following ways:

          Students with last names A-L contact Jane Lowe at lowej@georgetownisd.org or by phone at 512-943-1800 ext. 8012
          Students with last names M-Z contact JoAnn Hernandezt hernandezj4@georgetownisd.org or by phone at 512-943-1800 ext. 8011
    Current students need to request transcripts via Naviance. If you need help with this, go see Mrs. Heckroth in the College & Career center.
  • Recommendation Letters

     Read your application to determine if your college wants letters of recommendation.  If they do, check to see who they want to write the letter (teacher, counselor etc...).  Most Texas public colleges and universities do not need counselor recommendations.  Private institutions are more likely to want a counselor recommendation.  Please allow 2-3 weeks before recommendation is due.

    Counselor Letter

    Please complete the Questionnaire for Letter of Recommendation and submit it to your counselor.  It will enable them to write a more personal letter. 

    Faculty Letter

    Faculty members have a wonderful view of your development as a student and your potential.  When considering which faculty member to ask for a recommendation be sure to ask someone who can offer insight and perspective to your application.  Please complete the Faculty Recommendation Form