• Thank you for your interest in SeaPerch. It is a yearlong underwater robots club where the scholars will build a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and then train using it in an obstacle course. In addition, they will need to learn about how robots would behave underwater under different temperature, pressures, and types of water. The students are required to build the ROV completely by themselves
    and will be using drills, soldering, and multiple other tools. Mrs. Bertucci and I have very little experience in soldering,but the ROV we build does work!
    We will meet Monday from 2:05-4:00 and Thursday at 2:05-3:00. We will have our first meeting next Monday the 17th. Though this
    Monday we will be working with the ROV we have here at school and going over expectations.

    We are in need of volunteers that have experience in engineering and knowledge of how robots work in the ocean. This is a program provided through the Navy and the oil and gas industry. If you are interested please fill out the volunteer background at http://www.georgetownisd.org/Page/149  let me know and when you think you would like to volunteer and I can set you up with a group.

    Thank you,
    Ella Elliott
    Tina Bertucci