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    Lady Titan Code of Conduct


    Tippit Lady Titan Athletics

    Code of Conduct 

     Dear Athletes and Parents:

    Welcome to the Lady Titan Athletic program at Tippit Middle School.  We are pleased to have you as a part of our program.  The athletic program at Tippit has been very successful in past years and we expect this year to follow suit!

    As coaches, we work hard to give our best to the student athletes that we coach and we expect the same effort from our players.  Athletes are encouraged to be leaders academically, as well as, in various school clubs and organizations.  However, academic success should be considered their number one priority. It is the athlete’s responsibility to keep her grades as high as possible.  We will check grades every three weeks.  We expect your daughter to be accountable and to ask for help if and when she needs it. 

    We require that every team member be present at all team activities.  We do understand that there may be extenuating circumstances that cause an occasional problem, and we will deal with those on an individual basis.  Coaches should be contacted in advance if a player is going to miss a practice or game.  Please call or email.  Also, please follow up a missed practice or game with a written note to be placed in your daughter’s file.

     In addition to teaching skills to be a successful athlete in any sport, our goal is to teach each player life-long skills such as teamwork, commitment, goal setting, work ethic, and responsibility. As coaches, we are committed to this program and a successful year.  With the commitment of our athletes and the interest and positive support of parents, we will have a great year!  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your daughter or our program, please call us @ 512-943-5040 x 6434 or email.




    1.   Always be on time or early.

    2.   Follow all GISD & Tippit rules and Code of Conduct.

    3.   Show respect to ALL others.  Have good manners.  Be polite.

    4.   Keep the locker room area clean and take care of equipment. 

    5.   Use your issued lock EVERYDAY to secure your personal items. The school and coaches are not responsible for any personal items not secured.

    6.   Wear the proper athletic uniform daily.  No jewelry.  Hair should be up and out of your face.  No chewing gum during practice.

    7.   Set high academic standards for yourself.

    8.   Set high behavior standards for yourself.

    9.   BE A ROLE MODEL


    Transportation will be provided to and from athletic contests.  Athletes may ride home with their parent if parent sent a note or email 24 hours in advance and the parent needs to sign the athlete out with a coach. If the game is at any of the GISD schools, then there will be no bus back to Tippit.  They will need to be picked up at the place where we are competing.


    All athletes need to schedule time with their teachers & not during practice or athletics.


    • All athletes will be responsible for keeping up with all uniforms issued.
    • The parents will be held financially responsible for any lost or damaged uniform.
    • Coaches will provide specific instructions for uniforms during each sport.
    • Game jerseys should never be worn in classrooms or outside of school. 
    • Failure to wear the appropriate uniform will result in grade reduction & reminders.
    • No jewelry is allowed to be worn at any time during practice or game. NO EXEPTIONS!!


    Members of the Tippit Lady Titan athletic program need to conduct themselves in a manner that will bring pride and honor to Tippit Middle School and our community. No athlete, involved in the Lady Titan program should say anything that might hurt, embarrass, or degrade herself, her teammates or her coaches.  Conduct that does not reflect the values of the Georgetown community will be handled with the appropriate disciplinary action. 

    Athletes should also conduct themselves properly in their classes.  Failure to do so will result in Titan Reminders (Bear crawls, extra running, towel pushes, etc.).


    If a problem with an Athlete is brought to the coach’s attention the following are a list of corrective activities that Coaches will utilize.

    Persistent disobedience can lead to dismissal from their team or the Tippit Athletic program.


    1.          Parent Phone call

    2.          Physical conditioning

    3.          Community Service

    4.          Game or games suspension

    5.          Player Contract + physical conditioning

    6.          Dismissal from team


    If you know you are going to sit out due to injury

    ·       You must still dress out in the Lady Titan athletic uniform

    ·       Look, listen, and learn the information your coach is teaching

    ·       Stay for the entire practice and attend all games

    ·       You will be doing some sort of exercise that does not affect the injured area.

     Please be at every workout.  Schedule Dr. appointments accordingly.  If you have to miss a workout because of a doctor’s appointment, please give a doctor’s note to the coach to be placed on file.  We will also need a note on file if you are required to sit out.


    This section in included for conflict resolution purposes between PLAYER & COACH or PARENT & COACH.  Any conflict will be addressed in accordance to the following protocol:

    (1)  Meet with the specific coach at a mutually appointed time (not after a game or practice).

    (2)  Meet with the coach & athletic coordinator (Coach Reyes) at a mutually appointed time.

    (3)  Meet with the coach, coordinator, and athletic director at a mutually appointed time.



    A student-athlete may not participate in the next competition until all missed practices for injury or illness are made up.  She must complete a pre-determined make-up workout that includes conditioning as well as independent sport-specific drills at a time agreed upon by a coach.

     Tryouts for teams at Tippit are highly competitive.  With this in mind, team members should understand that the Tippit teams should take priority over any club team affiliation. Tippit players should never miss a practice or a game due to a club team obligation.  Any player who violates this rule could be subject to immediate dismissal.

     A coach will be available Monday through Friday in the morning or afternoon for make-ups.  Morning make-ups should begin by 7:30 a.m. and afternoon make-ups should start as soon as possible after school is out. 


    If your daughter needs to miss a workout due to injury or sickness she will need to provide a parent note stating the reason.  We will be able to take parent notes for two consecutive days.  On the third day a doctor’s note will be required to be placed on file.  The athlete will still need to dress out and will still have to participate in an exercise that doesn’t affect the injury or illness.  An athlete will only be able to sit out from participation with a doctor’s note stating that she will need to be held out of all activities.

     *Keep this packet for your records. You will need to sign the Lady Titan Athlete Info sheet acknowledging that you have read and understood the Lady Titan Policy and Guidelines.

      We look forward to working with you and your daughter and welcome to Lady Titan Athletics.