• Structured language:

    Week 1:  8/15-8/16: Welcome activities!  Practice procedures/discuss syllabus.  
    Week 2:  8/19-8/23:  Good things! Warm up:  Fluency using Fry's 1000 most common words! Set up binders.  Begin practicing daily routines.  Review rhyming using poetry.  Class novel last ten minutes of each class period.
    Week 3: 8/26-8/30:   Fry's 1000 most common words; Determine reading levels using AimsWeb;  coding vowel pair syllables/focus on vowel pairs in the initial, medial and final position;  phonological awareness and writing practice.  Continue guided reading of Because of Winn Dixie.  
    Week 4:  9/2-9/6:   Warm up: Fry's 1000 most common words; continue to establish reading levels using AimsWeb passages.  Initial, medial and final au sound (spelling); continue word of the day list; create maniputlatives to review vocabulary; 
Last Modified on January 13, 2020