• Structured language:

    Week 1:  8/15-8/16: Welcome activities!  Practice procedures/discuss syllabus.  
    Week 2:  8/19-8/23:  Good things! Warm up:  Fluency using Fry's 1000 most common words! Set up binders.  Begin practicing daily routines.  Review rhyming using poetry.  Class novel last ten minutes of each class period.
    Week 3: 8/26-8/30:   Fry's 1000 most common words; Determine reading levels using AimsWeb;  coding vowel pair syllables/focus on vowel pairs in the initial, medial and final position;  phonological awareness and writing practice.  Continue guided reading of Because of Winn Dixie.  
    Week 4:  9/2-9/6:   Warm up: Fry's 1000 most common words; continue to establish reading levels using AimsWeb passages.  Initial, medial and final au sound (spelling); continue word of the day list; create maniputlatives to review vocabulary; continue novel work at the end of class.  
    Week 5:  9/19-9/23:  Warm up: Fry's 1000 most common words;  spelling of plurals (s, es, ies); spelling of (v) in final position and (k) in final position; Developing Metacognitive Skills (naming/categorizing/describing/analyzing fables);  ALL CAMPUS PEP RALLY ON FRIDAY! 
    Week 6:  9/26-9/30:  Warm up:  Fry's 1000 most common words; word of the day;  Reading practices (read once and then again with expression); create flash cards for word of the day deck; DMS:  focus on naming/describing/categorizing using fables. Advanced class will focus on expository writing using a tangram.  Introduce 2nd novel of the year, Freak The Mighty.  Students will complete the three minute beginning of year maze.
    Week 7:  10/3-10/7:  Warm up:  Fry's 1000 most common words and word of the day; review spelling of plurals and (v) in intial, medial and final position; how to spell (k) in final position; using DMS expand on writing skills---using details and imagery.  Using DMS, refine skills for creating/writing Similes (comparing using like or as) and Metaphors (saying one thing IS another); continue learning and applying spelling patterns; continue reading/discussing and analyzing Freak The Mighty.
    Week 8:  10/12-10/14: Warm up:  New lists from Fry's 1000 most common words; word of the day; continue with DMS (expository text structure and fables).  Students will continue to look at the four rules applying to the (k) sound; students in advanced classes will analyze words and patterns with the -ly suffix.
    Week 9:  10/19-10/23 Warm up using Fry's 1000 most common words (fluency); word of the day; deck and review;  -suffix spelling/origin/meaning/ spelling of (n) (ng) sound/AimsWeb progress monitoring/creating flash cards/decks to study Word Of the Day (TEST on 10/27); DMS/continue reading Freak The Mighty. 
    Week 10:  10/26-10/30:  Warm up using Fry's 1000 most common words (fluency); word of the day; their/there/they're; review of decks.  RED RIBBON WEEK 
    Week 11:  11/2-11/6:  Fluency Warm up using  Fry's 1000 most common words; word of the day;  all classes focus on reading and understanding informational texts.   
    Week 12: 11/9-11/13  Fluency Warm up using Fry's 1000 most common words; word of the day; review their/there/they're; continue informational text analysis; DMS (developing metacognitive skills) FOCUS:  listening comprehension.   
    Week 13: 11/16-11/20 Fluency using Fry's; word of the day TEST on 11/18.  Aimsweb progress monitoring; review of their/they're/there; writing using words of the day (complex and compound sentence structure
    Week 14 11/30-12/4:  Fluency  using Fry's 1000 most common words; word of the day each day; review of word of the day deck and missing letter/IRD deck; review of syllable types and coding procedure.  Focus: vowel pairs/spellings in one syllable words; post tests over 5 lesson bundles;  continue reading Freak The Mighty.
    Week 15  12/7-12/11:  Fluency using Fry's; word of the day; word of the day deck and missing letter deck; Focus:  doubling rule and reading practice; complete Freak The Mighty; visit library for AR test.  
    Week 16 12/14-12/18:  Fluency using Fry's; word of the day; daily decks (IRD/word of the day/missing letter); AimsWeb testing; view Freak The Mighty and write compare/contrast and reviews of the novel versus the movie.   
    Week 17 1/5-1/8:  Goal setting for spring semester; writing exercise; create note cards for review of WOD deck; review of syllable types; reading practice; various ways to spell medial vowels.  
    Week 18 1/11-1/15:  Fluency using Fry's; word of the day review; WORD OF THE DAY TEST on THURSDAY; vowel-r syllables, spelling of  the (u) sound in medial position and open syllables; reading practice; MOY AIMSWEB testing; categorizing work with partners. 
    Week 19  1/19-1/22:  Fluency using Fry's; word of the day list 5 begins; spelling patterns related to long vowels; reading practices; monthly one minute AimsWeb testing; DMS lesson (developing metacognitive skills) related to listening skills. 


    1/25-1/29( week 20):  Complete Aimsweb testing; Lesson 42 MRS book:  the "nibble" spelling pattern; review the doubling rule.  Reading logs due on Tuesday, 1/20.  Next Reading log due on 1/26.   

    2/1-2/5 (Week 21): Continue the "nibble" spelling pattern, focus on dictation, reading practice and ensuring that each student understands how to use Learning Ally.
     (Week 22):  READING LOG due on Monday.  Spelling test on Friday (Applying the nibble pattern to spelling); continue to review, discuss and apply the nibble pattern and begin focusing on the "rabbit" spelling pattern.  Students will also continue to work on fluency each day using Fry's 1000 most common words (focusing on the 2nd 100 words). 
    2/17-2/19 (Week 23) : Reading log due on Monday; students will continue to warm up and work on fluency using Fry's 1000 most common words (Focus:  3rd hundred); class focus will be placed on contractions, their meaning and application.  Additionally, students will focus on the suffix -tion:  it's meaning and application.  Students will have the opportunity to apply writing skills/spelling rules/vocabulary to an essay in class.  
    Week 24 (2/22-2/26):  Reading logs due on Tuesday.  Students will review contractions use and final stable syllable (suffix) -tion.  Students will review previous five concepts (Doubling rule/Nibble Pattern/Rabbit Pattern/Contractions/-tion.  Students will complete a post test over the concepts on Friday, the 20th.  Students will also work on essay writing. 
    Week 25 (2/29-03/04):  Due to STAAR benchmark testing during week 24, students will have post test on Tuesday, the 24th.  Additionally, monthly AimsWeb testing will take place during this week.   
    Week 26 (3/7-3/11): READING LOGS DUE. Students will review how -ar distorts long vowel sounds; students will begin to define and apply anglo saxon prefixes (up/over/dis/self/etc); students will work on syllable division and coding; discuss strategies for upcoming STAAR testing. 
    Week 27 (3/9-3/13):  READING LOGS DUE ON MONDAY! Focus:  prefixes and their meanings; apply pre fix knowledge in deciphering words (pronunciation, application and comprehension); complete DMS fables/discussion questions; students will continue to discuss and apply strategies to STAAR-like questions.
    Week 28:  (3/23-3/27):  Focus:  dictionary skills; review vocabulary/prefixes; STAAR strategies for plays/highlighting key information; writing skills.  Student will download PictoWord app for vocabulary building and problem solving. 
     Week 29 (3/30-4/3):  STAAR TESTING  Monday and Tuesday for 7th graders-writing; STAAR TESTING for 8th graders Tuesday-Reading; continue literacy/fluency groups in class using Holes and Freak The Mighty; students will focus on au/a sound and letter cluster wr/r.
    Week 30 (4/6-4/10):  Review common prefixes; Spelling TEST FRIDAY with vocabulary component; Increase fluency and comprehension using Holes OR Freak The Mighty; complete post test (daily grade) spelling various words using patterns learned in MRS Book 2; analyze wr/r words and related pattern.   
    Week 31 (4/13-4/17):  READING LOG DUE! Students will learn new syllable division pattern vc-cccv; students will identify differences among homophones and apply proper usage; students will focus on fluency and comprehension and re visit techniques for upcoming STAAR tests.  
    Week 32:  STAAR TESTING
    Week 33:  Review various types of syllable division and coding; exchanging blends using auditory directions; dictation; fluency; focus on homophones and the correct use of each.   
    Week 34:  Focus on spelling of long vowels in the final position; use DMS to categorize/re-tell/comprehend story elements; End of the year maze-testing; continue literacy groups. 
    Week 35:  Assist with 5th grade Cooper tours; complete end of the year AimsWeb assessments; review homophones; continue spelling of long vowels; complete novels for literacy groups.   
    Week 36:  View movies corresponding to novels read. Use venn diagram to compare/categorize features of written text versus movie; 8th graders:  Reunion Ranch; final lesson MRS lesson (answering 5W questions related to reading comprehension) 
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