-Good Sportsmanship
    -Respecting others and equipment
    -Self Control
    -Being Fair
    -Following Rules and Procedures
    -Following Directions
    Students that are not meeting the expectations will have a decrease in their grade for Physical Education/Health.  
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    It is required that students wear proper footwear for Physical Education. Secure shoes that have no heel and are not slick on the bottom are a must. A student does NOT wear appropriate footwear may not be able to participate in certain activities due to increasing their injury risk. Safety is the number one concern in the gym. If a student does not wear the proper footwear 3 times within a 9 week period their grade will be lowered. 
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    1. Verbal Warning
    2. One on One Conversation
    3. Sign the Stoplight on Yellow
    4. Sign the Stoplight on Red
    If the student is persistent in their behavior (most days in P.E. they have to be reminded) to comply with the rules and procedures, their grade will be lowered. 
    Depending on the severity of the behavior/situation, the student may not be given the suggested order of discipline. They may skip directly to Sign the Stop Light on Red or be given a Office Referral.  
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