• Flag Student Council 
    Student Council is comprised of grades 3-5 students elected by their classmates.  Student Council members meet once a month to plan and implement many activities throughout the year.  Members organize our Naked Turkey Contest and Parade, raise money for a alumni college scholarship, organize drives for The Locker, and much more.  
    Officer elections are held each spring and classroom elections are held in September.  Representatives must give a speech to their class, create a poster, and complete the application to run for a position on Student Council.  
    The Ford 2018-19 Student Council is looking for leaders!  Students in grade 3-5 are invited to run for their class stucco representative positions.  Candidates must complete an application, create a poster, and give a speech to their homeroom class.  Classes will elect the representatives by voting in their homerooms.  Applications are due to Mrs. Thiel by September 14th at 3:00 pm.  (Homeroom teachers determine the date of speeches and the elections.)  Student Council will meet on the first Monday of the month from 3:00-4:30 pm.  All representatives are expected to attend the entire meeting.  Student Council members represent their class and school.  We have fun, but it also involves many responsibilities.  If you or your child would like additional information, please contact Mrs. Thiel, Mrs. Osterman, Mrs. Walton, or Mrs. Horne.
    For more information contact Vickie Thiel at thielv@georgetownisd.org or Dena Osterman at ostermand@georgetownisd.org