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    Georgetown ISD is proud to offer a 2-Way Dual Language Program.  This program provides language instruction that will prepare students to become bilingual and biliterate and promotes high academic achievement in two languages.
    Dual Language education integrates native English speaking and native Spanish speaking students in the same classroom. Students develop oral and cognitive academic language in both English and Spanish while mastering grade level knowledge and skills in all elementary content areas.
    Our program is based on a 50/50 model, in which 50% of the instruction is delivered in English and the other 50% is delivered in Spanish. The program is designed to teach children Spanish and English in a natural way through core content instruction, everyday classroom conversation as well as explicit instruction in the second language. 
    We currently offer the Dual Language Program for new students entering Kindergarten at 4 campuses, as we are in the process of phasing it out at Carver and Mitchell. While not every elementary school offers the program, we do offer the Dual Language program to all students that require Bilingual services and to those students that apply and are offered a spot. 
    We have indicated the Dual Language campus for those schools that do not have the program below.
    The following Dual Language Schools serve their zoned families and the campuses listed alongside.
    Williams: Carver & Mitchell
    Purl: Wolf Ranch
    Village: Ford, McCoy, Frost, San Gabriel
  • Language Learning at Home-click here!

    We are so excited your children will be learning a second language! We encourage you to spend some time in this section of our site, as we will be adding language learning resources that can be beneficial for you all in the home. While there is no set timeline of when a second language is learned, we do know that with increased exposure, practice, immersion and a strong native language, students can begin to engage their bilingual brains as soon as 3 years. Please feel free to reach out if there is something in particular that you feel would be beneficial to you all while supporting your little ones. Take a look at the linked site for sourced and created resources as well as videos on bilingualism.

  • 2024-2025 Dual Language Program Interest Process

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    Feel free to send us an email with the following information: your home campus, your child's name, your name and best contact information.

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