Project Proposals

    Middle School #4: $27,000,000
    Construction of the fourth middle school will accommodate the district's current and future growth. The new facility will be built next to Mitchell Elementary School and is expected to open Fall 2017.
    New Purl Elementary School:  $31,400,000
    A new replacement facility will be build adjacent to the current building with additional capacity to serve grades K-5
    Williams Elementary School - Repurpose: $14,800,000
    Repuporse the existing building to serve as the district's administration office and a centralized professional learning center. Students will transition to the new Purl Elementary School.
    Tippit Middle School: $26,100,000
    Major additions and renovations to enclose all exterior entrances as well as create equity with other GISD campuses.
    Georgetown High School: $23,400,000
    Areas of the original high school building were not included in the first phase of reconstruction from the 2010 bond program. This work will complete renovations to north and south wing classrooms and science labs, Fine Arts, Band Hall, Career and Technology, and athletic support facilities.
    SAFETY & SECURITY: $1,500,000
    •   New secured entries at Cooper ES, Ford ES, Pickett ES, Village ES, Frost ES, and Benold MS
    •   Additional security cameras at all necessary campuses 
    TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES: $12,700,000
    District-wide wireless Internet capability enhancements and network operations equipment will allow teachers and students to use current technology-based instructional tools.
    The following projects will replace outdated equipment, increase energy efficiency, and extend the life of existing facilities:
    •   Replace roofs at Cooper ES, Village ES, Frost ES, Benold MS, Central Administration Office, and Klett Center for the Performing Arts
    •   Replace aging HVAC systems
    •   Replace or rebuild campus parking lots and drives
    •   Replace athletic turf at GISD Athletic Complex and GHS practice field
    •   Replace gym lighting 
    New land would be purchased for future growth.
    NEW BUSES: $2,000,000
    A total of  21 buses would be purchased over a 3 year period