G Suite

  • Georgetown ISD uses G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education) free online educational tools which allow staff and students to create online documents (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, or forms).  Students can work individually on their documents, or educators can instruct students to work collaboratively on documents in real time.  Students can also store documents online, making their ability to organize and access work more convenient than ever.
     Tool / App
     G Suite
     Online file storage  Drive
     Word processing  Docs
     Spreadsheet  Sheets
     Presentation  Slides
     Form/Survey  Forms
     Classroom Collaboration  Classroom
     Email / Calendar
    Starting May 27, 2017, GISD staff will begin using Gmail for email and calendar
    Starting August 2017, Grades 2-12 students will also switch to Gmail email and calendar
    All employees and students have G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education) online accounts.
    • Students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade have access to online document creation, collaboration, and storage, but they do not have email accounts.
    • Students in Grades 2-12 have email accounts and access to online document creation, collaboration, and storage. 

    How does Georgetown ISD keep Grades 2-12 students safe when using email?

    Georgetown ISD considers student needs, teacher needs, safety, and privacy when planning to provide new tools to students. GISD has implemented the following measures for Gmail for students in grades 2-12:
    • Students are permitted to email other GISD students and staff, but they cannot send email to or receive email from non-GISD email addresses.
      • If a campus, grade level, or class needs access to send/receive email outside of GISD for a project, for example, this can be enabled temporarily.
    • Georgetown ISD uses Gaggle’s Safety Management for Gmail to monitor and filter student email. Gaggle’s safety features include a blocked words list, an anti-pornography scanner, and a team of Gaggle representatives working to keep students safe while using email. Gaggle archives student emails for at least one year after they are sent.
    Instructions for Logging In To G Suite online
    1. In a web browser, go to www.google.com
    2. Enter your Georgetown ISD Google username
      • Students:  Student's GISD computer username, followed by @georgetownisd.org
        • For example, Ann Smith's username might be SmithA1234@georgetownisd.org
      • Staff:  Staff member's GISD email address
    3. Enter your Georgetown ISD Google password (For both students and staff, your Google password is the same as your GISD computer password)
    4. Click the Sign in button
    What rules must students and employees follow when using G Suite?

    G Suite accounts fall under Georgetown ISD’s Technology Responsible Use Policy for Students and for Employees, which outlines responsible and appropriate use of school computers, accounts, networks, and systems. Students and employees may access their G Suite accounts from home, but the accounts are intended for educational use, not personal use.  District administrators are able to access student accounts when needed, and have the right to monitor account usage and deny access if students are not following the Technology Responsible Use Policy for Students.


    The pages below contain training, quick start guides, and other resources for using specific G Suite tools. These links are also available in the left navigation of this website under G Suite.
Last Modified on August 22, 2017