Teaching and Learning Staff Directory

Title First Name Last Name Phone Email
Chief Strategist for Learning Design Terri Conrad 512-943-5000 ConradT@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Asst. - Chief Strategist for Learning Design Joycelyn Lawson 512-943-5000 x6001 LawsonJ@georgetownisd.org
Director - Digital Learning Amy Heil 512-943-5000 x6054 HeilA@georgetownisd.org
Director - Teaching and Learning Jennifer Kearney 512-943-5000 X6022 Kearneyj@georgetownisd.org
Admin Asst. - Teaching and Learning Erin Pierce 512-943-5000 x6115 piercee@georgetownisd.org
Elementary ELAR/Social Studies Coordinator (K-5) Hilda Diaz 512-943-5000 x7884 diazh@georgetownisd.org
Elementary STEM Content Coordinator (K-5) Jodie Hoadley 512-943-5000 x6053 Hoadleyj@georgetownisd.org
Secondary Science Coordinator (6-12) Paige Hoellen 512-943-5000 x6029 HoellenP@georgetownisd.org
Secondary ELAR/Social Studies Coordinator (6-12) Kelly Jones jonesk4@georgetownisd.org
Secondary Math Coordinator (6-12) Amy Dedeyan 512-943-5000 x6025 dedeyana@georgetownisd.org
Advanced Academics Coordinator (K-12) Jordan Coetzee-Folks 512-943-5000 coetzeefolksj@georgetownisd.org