Teaching and Learning Staff Directory

Title First Name Last Name Phone Email
Assistant Superintendent - Teaching and Learning Dr. Malinda Golden 512-943-5012 GoldenM@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Asst. to the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning Heather Penniman 512-943-5012 Pennimanh@georgetownisd.org
Chief Strategist for Leadership and Culture Lindsay Harris 512-943-5000 harrisl@georgetownisd.org
Chief Strategist for Learning Design Terri Conrad 512-943-5000 x6002 ConradT@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Asst. - Chief Strategist for Learning Design and CCMR Joycelyn Lawson 512-943-5000 x6001 LawsonJ@georgetownisd.org
Chief Strategist for Assessment and Feedback Wes Vanicek 512-943-5000 vanicekw@georgetownisd.org
Director of Assessment and Feedback Gabi Nino 512-943-5000 x6025 ninoj@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Asst. - Assessment and Feedback Denise Gunn 512-943-5000 x6098 GunnD@georgetownisd.org
Coordinator for Assessment and Feedback Lindsay Cooper 512-943-5000 cooperl@georgetownisd.org
Executive Director- Special and Federal Programs Tiffani Carson-Walker 512-943-5000 x6037 Walkert@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Asst. - Federal and Special Programs Jennifer Reyes 512-943-5000 x6037 Reyesj1@georgetownisd.org
Director of Fine Arts Carol Watson 512-943-5000 x7186 WatsonC@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Asst. - Fine Arts Amy Holmes 512-943-5110 Holmesa@georgetownisd.org
Director - Digital Learning Kim Garcia 512-943-5000 x6049 GarciaK@georgetownisd.org
Director - College, Career, and Military Readiness Cynthia Pike 512-943-5000 x6033 PikeC@georgetownisd.org
Advanced Academics (K-12) Coordinator Hope Scallan 512-943-5000 x6028 scallanh@georgetownisd.org
Science (K-12) Coordinator Paige Hoellen 512-943-5000 x6029 HoellenP@georgetownisd.org
ELAR/Social Studies/LOTE (6-12) Coordinator Jennifer Kearney 512-943-5000 x6022 KearneyJ@georgetownisd.org
K-12 Math Coordinator Tony Bonazzi 512-943-5000 x6025 BonazziT@georgetownisd.org
ELAR/Social Studies (K-5) Coordinator Tiffany Pullen 512-943-5000 x7884 PullenT@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Asst.-Hammerlun Center for Leadership & Learning/Curriculum Angela Cummings 512-943-5000, ext 6115 cummingsa@georgetownisd.org