• Twitter for Classroom Teachers Assignments for June 24-30, 2016

    If you have questions at any time, Tweet @DLCoachSandy or @smarchman and use the #GISDTweets hashtag. You can also email us or call 512-943-5000 Ext. 6050. Please remember GISD offices are closed on Fridays in June and July.

    We hope you enjoyed Week 1 of Twitter for Educators! Now that we've hatched our eggs, filled our our bios, followed some GISD tweeps, and investigated hashtags, it's time to expand our networks and get more active/engaged on Twitter.
    Please complete assignments A, B, and C as explained below prior to midnight on June 30.
    A. Learn About Twitter From Other Educators' Perspectives. Reflect On and Discuss What You Learn.
    Are you still feeling lost about Twitter? Or are you starting to get excited? Or both? For this task, you will read a blog post from one educator who is relatively new to Twitter, then view a video from another educator who has already gotten a little more involved in Twitter. After reading and viewing, you will send at least one Tweet, if not more, about the article and video. Then, you will reply to a Tweet from someone else in our class.
    1. Read this blog post: To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Using Twitter to Build My PLN

    2. Watch this video: Re-Imagine Your Professional Development Experience...with Twitter!

    3. Tweet about what resonated with you from the article, the video, or both. You might need to create multiple Tweets to fully share your thoughts! Make sure to use the #GISDTweets hashtag so Suzanne and Sandy will see the Tweets and so others can respond to your Tweets and you get credit for the assignment.

    4. After you Tweet your own thoughts on the article and/or video, do a search for the #GISDTweets hashtag and reply to one or more of your classmates' thoughts on the article and/or video. Make sure to keep using the #GISDTweets hashtag on your replies so we can all easily follow your conversations and you can get credit for this part of the assignment.

    B.  Find and Follow Tweeps Outside of our Class and District
    Right now, many of us are following only GISD Tweeps. Since most of us are new to Twitter, following just GISD tweeters isn't going to expose us to the widest variety of thoughts. So, it's time to expand your Personal Learning Network (PLN)! 
    1. Review slides 15 through 17 from the presentation we gave in our in class regarding how to find people to follow. You can access the slideshow at this link: http://tinyurl.com/TFE2016

    2. Find at least 3 new people/accounts to follow on topics of interest to you. Make sure all of them are from outside of GISD.

      Ideas for finding people to follow:

      a. Search on a hashtag or two which you found interesting during last week's assignment. Investigate some of the people who use the hashtag to see if you might want to follow them. Look to see if they Tweet fairly frequently (at least a few times a day) and if they Tweet things that will help you, not just what they're ordering at Starbucks.

      b. Look at slide 20 in our presentation for some other ideas.

    3. Send a Tweet to @smarchman and @DLCoachSandy mentioning the new people/accounts you followed. Be sure to mention their actual Twitter handles/usernames with an @ in front of them. Also remember the #GISDTweets hashtag. Your Tweet to Suzanne and Sandy might look something like this:

      Sample Week 2 Tweet

    C.  Check your Twitter for at least five minutes every day!
    This is pretty much an "on your honor" assignment! But make an effort to check in for five minutes each day. Click on some tweeted links and read some articles. Retweet or reply to information that interests you. Use the #GISDTweets tag on anything you retweet or reply to so we can learn along with you!
    HINT: With the Twitter app on your phone, this is easily accomplished while you're waiting in line at any store.

    That's it for Week Two!

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