Operations & School Leadership Staff Directory

Title First Name Last Name Phone Email
Assistant Superintendent - Operations and School Leadership Bryan Hallmark 512-943-5000 x6096 hallmarkb@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Assist. to the Assistant Superintendent Operations and School Leadership Susan Ripps 512-943-5000 x6096 rippss@georgetownisd.org
Chief Strategist for Systems & Operations Courtney Acosta 512-943-5000 x6032 acostac@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Assist. - Campus Operations Grayce Thornton 512-943-5000 x6014 thorntong@georgetownisd.org
Executive Director - Construction & Development David Biesheuvel 512-943-5000 x7288 biesheuveld@georgetownisd.org
Executive Director - Support Services Kirby Campbell 512-943-5000 x7282 campbellk2@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Assist. - Support Services Nora Mosely 512-943-5000 x5129 moselyn@georgetownisd.org
Director - Athletics Jason Dean 512-943-5000 x7180 deanja@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Assist. - Athletics Julie Crooks 512-943-5000 x7398 crooksj@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Assist. - Athletics Kim Hahn 512-943-5000 x7399 hahnk@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Assist. - Athletics Vicki Williams 512-943-5000 x6105 williamsv@georgetownisd.org
Director - Guidance and Wellness David Rainey 512-943-5000 x6021 raineyd@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Assist. - Guidance and Wellness Grayce Thornton 512-943-5000 x6014 thorntong@georgetownisd.org
Director - Nutrition Services Tray Mitchell 512-943-5000 x5119 mitchelln@georgetownisd.org
Asst. Dir. - Nutrition Services Trevor Lee 512-943-5000 x7525 ad-leet@georgetownisd.org
District Chef - Nutrition Services Dustin Seymour 512-943-5000 x6101 ad-seymourd@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Assist. - Nutrition Services April Garza 512-943-5000 x5193 garzaa@georgetownisd.org
Director - Transportation David Gray 512-943-5000 x7282 grayd2@georgetownisd.org
Admin. Assist. - Transportation Kim Martinez 512-943-5000 x7602 martinezk@georgetownisd.org