• Twitter for Educators Assignments for July 1 - July 8, 2016

    If you have questions at any time, Tweet @DLCoachSandy or @smarchman and use the #GISDTweets hashtag. You can also email us or call 512-943-5000 Ext. 6050. Please remember GISD offices are closed on Fridays in June and July and also closed on July 4.

    We have made it to our third and final week of Twitter for Educators! Your facilitators, Suzanne and Sandy, hope you have enjoyed the class as much as we have. In honor of this week including the 4th of July, we are aiming to go out with a bang. :-)
    Please complete assignments A, B, and C as explained below prior to midnight on July 8.
    A.  Tweet Daily!
    It's been fun learning new things and seeing insights from the Tweets our class members are posting. Let's keep it up and keep building our Twitter habit!
    Post at least one Tweet per day throughout the week. By the end of the week, you should have posted a minimum of five Tweets, each one on a different day of the week. (It goes without saying that you can post more!)

    Use the #GISDTweets hashtag in your minimum one Tweet per day to make sure you get credit for this assignment.

    What can you Tweet about? Here are a few ideas:
    • Your Tweet can be about something you've learned in person or online on a particular day.
    • Tweet a link to an article you've read. Share what you learned from the article or what questions you have because of it. (Scroll to the end of this web page for some bonus articles you can read if you need a place to start.)
    • You can retweet an article or idea you like from someone else on Twitter. (Use the "Quote Tweet" option when you do this so you can comment and add the class hashtag.)
    • Reply to another person's Tweet, adding your own reactions or thoughts.
    • Anything that's meaningful to you. 
    • If you're on a trip or doing something else fun during summer vacation, Tweet us a pic (or two or three) of the wonderful things you are seeing and/or doing!
    B. Tweet a Pic of 4th of July Celebrations (On the 4th if Possible)
    Wish our country a Happy Birthday by Tweeting a pic of 4th of July celebrations. Preferably yours if you take part in any. Remember to use the #GISDTweets tag, and also use #4thOfJuly.

    C. Complete and Post a Final Reflection
    Share what you have learned from your participation in this class. In the email you received letting you know that your Week 3 Assignment was posted, there is a link to a Google Doc. Click the link and follow the instructions on the document to post your reflection. Please do not Tweet the link to the Google Doc or share it in any other way with people outside of our class.
    NOTE: Last year, a few of our participants had difficulty completing this task on an iPad, especially if they had the Google Docs app installed. You may need to use a computer to complete this task. 

    You will address these questions in your reflection. Please be honest in your answers. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer.

    • What was your biggest takeaway from the class?

    • After participating in this class, what is your comfort level with using Twitter? Do you think you will continue using it? If not, why not? If so, how do you plan to continue using it?

    • This professional learning opportunity was conducted three hours in person and three hours online. What did you like about the way the class was presented? What would you change or improve about the way the class was presented? (We used feedback from last year's students to change a few things about this year's class!)

     That's it for Week Three! Congratulations on Completing Twitter for Educators!

    Reading these articles is not required, but if you are looking for something to read and Tweet about, here are a few suggestions:
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