• photo of Carol Nolan Hi!

    I am super excited to be teaching Resource Math here at Forbes.  This is my first year at Forbes but I have taught Math for the past 4 years.  Although, I am a new teacher to Forbes I am not new to the GISD and Forbes Communities.  Our children have attended GISD schools since 2011 and I have worked in the district as a substitute teacher, receptionist, and volunteer since then as well.  I have a daughter that graduated from GHS in 2015 and recently graduated from Texas A & M.  My sons are students at GHS and Forbes and are very active in sports.  

    I am looking forward to getting to know each of you this year!



    Email: nolanc@georgetownisd.org
    Phone: 512-943-5000 ext. 7762

    Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies from California State University Northridge







    Tutorials:  8:15 - 8:41 am M - F

    1st: 8th Grade Math

    2nd:  Conference 

    3rd:  7th Grade Math

    4th:  6th Grade Math

    5th:  7th Grade Math

    6th:  Conference


    7th:  6th Grade Math