• English IV 2018

    1st Nine weeks

    OWL Perdue Writing Lab (useful for all writing assignments):http://owl.english.purdue.edu/

         ***Class Description***
    I. First Nine Weeks:
         a. Anglo-Saxon Period:
    1.Reading Beowulf
    2.Study Guide Questions
    3. Boast
         b.Medieval Period:
    1.Historical Background pp.1120-1134
    2. Read Prologue to the CANTERBURY TALES
    3. Choose a Canterbury character and a group to work with...
    4. Prepare a presentation (see handout)
    5. Present your Canterbury character to class
    c. Renaissance Period:
    1. Reading MACBETH
    2. Vocabulary Packet
    3. Study Guide Questions
    4. Essay: Who is responsible forDunkins Murder? The Witches, Macbeth,
                  King Dunkin, or Lady Macbeth?
    6. Essay: Consider the Human Condition.  Is the Human Condition different
                  today than it was in Macbeth's Time?
    II. 2nd Weeks
         1. The Senior Research Paper
    III. 3rd Nine Weeks
    STARR Practice Links:
    This contains a study guide and self-assessment module.


    2. https://www.texasgateway.org/resource-index 

     Comprehensive modules on STAAR Reading and Writing


    3. https://tea.texas.gov/student.assessment/STAAR_Released_Test_Questions/  

     STAAR released test questions


          1. The Romantic Period
    a.  History
     b. Poetry
    c. Film and Screenplay Project
    d. Frankenstein 
    IV. 4TH Nine Weeks
    1. Importance of being Earnest (Link to the play)
    Audio version of The Importance of Being Earnest
    The Novel: ANIMAL FARM ,
    The Audio: Audio: ANIMAL FARM
    Assignments; So far for this ANIMAL FARM
    a. Reading assignments: Chaoters 1-10;
    b. Russian Revolution Historical
        Background (handouts, Google Classroom);
    c. Vocabulary (handouts - Crossword,
        Matching );
    d. Quotes (handouts- matching,