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    Mrs. Gonzalez- Art 1  


    Christina Gonzalez

    Phone: (512) 943-5000 

    ext. 6968



    Hello, my name is Christina Gonzalez, and I will be your Art 1 teacher! This will be my 9th year teaching, and my 6th year at Benold! I live in Georgetown with my husband and daughter, Savanna. A fun fact is that I graduated from Georgetown High School. #EFND Go Eagles!

    I love all art, but I enjoy drawing the most. I can't wait to share and learn with you! I KNOW you will have a great year in Art!


    Art 1- This class is for all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.


    This introduction class will explore two and three- dimensional art, as well as basic drawing, painting, and 3-D sculpture techniques. Students will further explore the Elements and Principles of Art. 


    Schedule 2021-2022 

    1st:  Art 1

    2nd: Art 1

    3rd:  Art 1

    4th:  Planning

    5th:  Art1

    6th:  Art1 

    7th:  Advisory and Friday Clubs

    8th:  Art 1


    Art 1 Supply List 2021-2022:


    •   1 roll of plain OR fun print Duct tape
    •   1 roll of 1 inch wide painter’s tape
    •   1 pencil bag 
    •  (1) 12 pack of pre sharpened #2 pencils.
    •  (1) 2 pack of fine tip black Sharpies
    •  (1) 2 pack of ultra fine tip black Sharpies
    •   1 white poster board


    Boys: 1 box of gallon size Ziplock baggies

    Girls: 1 roll of wax paper 


    Bring to school by August 27, 2021!!!