• Second year students will learn intermediate martial arts curriculum. This encompasses intermediate hand strikes, stances, blocks, kicks, and kata. We do introduce sparring during students second year of Kickstart. Sparring is light-controlled contact between two competitors. Students will "put together" the skills they have learned in Kickstart during sparring.

    All students are expected to demonstrate great discipline and respect both inside and outside the Kickstart classroom. Students are also expected to actively participate in class and dress out into their Gi (karate uniform) everyday.

    Students will receive a dress out grade and participation grade at the end of each week. Each Monday, students will complete a writing assignment on various value topics, including honesty, discipline, respect, kindness, and responsibility to name a few. Students will turn in journals at the end of each nine weeks for a test grade. 
    At the end of each semester, fall and spring, students will belt test for their next rank. The belt exam will be counted as a test grade.