Every day, every rehearsal, every performance, every time!


    Grading Policy – The following categories are established by Tippit Middle School

    Homework/Classwork – 40% - in choir this will include weekly participation and classroom assignments.  All student assignments should be completed in pencil.

    Tests/Assessments – 60% - in choir this will include concert performances, singing tests and written tests.  By district policy: Concerts are graded, required activities which count as test grades. 50% of this grade is determined by pre-concert rehearsal grades and the other 50% is determined by each student’s contribution to the concert. 

    Course Outline:

    1st Nine Weeks:    Fall Concert                  Etiquette Project               Region

    2nd Nine Weeks:    Winter Concert

    3rd Nine Weeks:    UIL                             Music Essay

    4th Nine Weeks:    Festival Competition    Spring Concert


    Classroom Rules:

    1. READY – be in your place on the risers with folder, music and a pencil when the tardy bell rings. Do not chew gum, candy or other objects during choir. Place all personal items under you chair. Your electronic device is placed in your backpack during class. 
    2. RESPECT – give 100% attention to the person addressing the class. Respect your classmates, the director and any visitors. Be a team player. Respect the classroom by not touching the piano and other equipment in the room.  
    3. REHEARSE – use excellent rehearsal behavior. Raise your hand. Stay in your seat. Use good posture. Give your best effort. Contribute to the class. Participate.  Listen. Work together.


    Materials:       Binder and Music will be provided for students. Students will need to be prepared with a pencil.  Binders can be left at school. 

    Tutoring:        Fridays from 8:15 to 8:40.  Available before or after school upon request


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Keep all food including chewing gum outside the classroom.
    2. Water is the only permitted beverage in the choir class.
    3. Piano and classroom equipment should only be used by the teacher.


    Concert Uniform:

    All Students will be supplied a choir t-shirt. 

    Beginning Choir students will wear the choir t-shirt and jeans for all concert performances.

    Varsity and JV Choirs will wear the choir t-shirt for the Fall Concert, Festival performance and Spring Concert.

    Varsity and JV Treble Choirs will wear concert black for the Winter Concert, Pre-UIL Concert and UIL performance.

    Varsity and JV Men’s Choirs will wear khaki/tan pants and a blue polo for the Winter Concert, Pre-UIL Concert and UIL performance.

    Class Officers:

    Each choir class will have a panel of officers that will be asked to complete additional leadership jobs.  All students will be given an opportunity to serve in these positions.  Leadership information will be made available the first week of September. 

    Items to Complete:

    Return Required Forms:

    All choir students are required to have the following forms on file with the Tippit Choir.  These forms should be completed and returned by September 16th

    Additional copies of these forms can be found on the TMS Choir Website.

    • GISD Medical Form (front and back)
    • GISD MS Choir Handbook Contract and Code of Compliance (handbook available on website)
    • Permission to Travel Form
    • Permission/Decline to Publish Names Form
    • Choir Dues Form