Attendance Zoning

  • GISD zoned our school boundaries to optimize student capacity at our facilities while accommodating for our district’s student growth. Recognizing that GISD is a fast growth district, our intent is to develop boundaries that will allow us to rezone in a manner that has the least impact on students.  


    • Create attendance zones that utilize the student capacity of existing and new facilities.
    • Create vertical feeder patterns for all campuses across the district.
    • Minimize the impact on students and families.


    1. Demographics
    2. Feeder Patterns
    3. Transportation
    4. Future Growth-Projections
    5. Special Programs

Attendance Zoning Information

  • Elementary School Changes
    These changes were effective in the fall of 2020 to accomodate for the opening of Williams and Wolf Ranch elementary schools. 

    Pickett/Wolf Ranch Elementary School Zone - The Pickett attendance zone will become the Wolf Ranch attendance zone in the fall of 2020. The Wolf Ranch zone will be expanded to include everything south of the North San Gabriel River and west of I-35. Impacted neighborhoods include Mayfield Ranch.
    Carver Elementary School Zone - The Carver attendance zone will shrink to relieve overcrowding and to utilize space at Williams Elementary. Everything west of I-35 will move to the Wolf Ranch attendance zone. The neighborhoods east of 1460 between the Inner Loop and the southernmost property line of La Conterra to Maple Street and south will move to the new Williams Elementary. Impacted neighborhoods include; La Conterra, The Pinnacle, and West Haven.
    Mitchell Elementary School Zone - Mitchell zone will also shrink to avoid capacity issues and utilize space at Williams Elementary. The main changes will be to the southern and eastern parts of the current attendance zone. The southern boundary will become Sam Houston Blvd. to Patriot Way and the eastern boundary will become Toll Way 130. All neighborhoods south and east of the boundary will attend the new Williams Elementary. The impacted neighborhood includes Fair Haven.
    Purl Elementary School Zone - No changes
    Frost Elementary School Zone - No changes
    McCoy Elementary School Zone - No changes
    Village Elementary School Zone - No changes
    Cooper Elementary School Zone - No changes
    Ford Elementary School Zone - No changes, although there is construction underway to accommodate for future growth in this zone.


    *Elementary Plan 2 would bring minor changes from Plan 1 to the Carver and Williams Zone.  In Plan 2, La Conterra would be zoned to Carver Elementary and West Haven would be zoned to Williams Elementary. The western boundary of the Carver zone would become Maple Street and the southernmost property lines in La Conterra. As we work toward a final recommendation we must consider the number of students in current and future neighborhoods. Additionally, we must consider the sustainability of each plan before we begin planning for another rezone and whether or not we would need to rezone those same areas.


    Middle School Changes

    Wagner Middle School Zone - The portion of the Wagner attendance zone south and west of Rabbit Hill Road will go to Tippit MS.
    Tippit Middle School Zone - Tippit attendance zone will gain the students in the Wagner zone, east of I-35 and west of Rabbit Hill Rd.


    High School Zones 

    There are no proposed changes to the HS attendance zones.


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Attendance Zone Maps

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