Attendance Zoning

  • GISD zoned our school boundaries to optimize student capacity at our facilities while accommodating for our district’s student growth. Recognizing that GISD is a fast growth district, our intent is to develop boundaries that will allow us to rezone in a manner that has the least impact on students.  


    • Create attendance zones that utilize the student capacity of existing and new facilities.
    • Create vertical feeder patterns for all campuses across the district.
    • Minimize the impact on students and families.


    1. Demographics
    2. Feeder Patterns
    3. Transportation
    4. Future Growth-Projections
    5. Special Programs

Attendance Zoning - Descriptive

  • Elementary Schools 
    Written Description  
    Pickett ES- Zone shifts west of I-35.  The area east of I-35, south of University (Hwy 29), west of Railroad St., and north of Leander Rd. (FM 1460) goes to Purl.
    Carver ES - The area east of Railroad, south of University (Hwy 29), west of Austin Ave. goes to Purl.
    Purl ES- Purl gains the aforementioned areas from Carver and Pickett and loses the areas east of Southwestern Blvd. to Mitchell.  Neighborhoods being rezoned in the area include Summercrest, University Park, and Georgetown Crossing.
    Mitchell ES- Mitchell is gaining areas Purl that are east of Southwestern Blvd. and the area south of 971 and east of the S. Towns Mill Rd area.
    Cooper ES - The area south of 971 and east of S. Towns Mill Rd. will be rezoned to Mitchell.
    Frost, McCoy, Village and Ford ES - No changes

    Middle Schools 

    Written Description 
    Benold MS - The Serenada neighborhood will be rezoned to Forbes and Village proper will move to Benold MS.
    Forbes MS- Forbes will gain the Serenada Neighborhood from Benold and lose the area south of 971 and east of the San Gabriel River to Wagner.
    Tippit MS - Tippit will gain the downtown area from Forbes that is north of the outline from University, down Austin Ave., and north of the Quail Valley area.  The area of Tippit east of I-35, south of Inner loop, and east of Southwestern Blvd. will be rezoned to Wagner.
    Wagner MS- New campus and will encompass areas that were previously zoned to Forbes and Tippit.
    Questions or concerns? Please contact your campus administration

2018-2019 Attendance Zone Maps

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