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    Encouraging and empowering through intergenerational mentoring experiences.

    Thank you for your interest in participating in the GISD Mentoring Program. As a mentor, you will have many opportunities to make a significant impact on a student’s life.

    What is a mentor?

    A mentor is someone who spends one-on-one time with a student (not in a group setting). As you spend one-on-one time with a student, you will have conversations, tell stories, and ask questions. It’s important to know that GISD staff and counselors are available to provide direction based on that student’s need as well as based on the program’s rules and expectations.

    If you would like to volunteer at one of our schools or at an event, please see this web page for more information.

    Mentors are:

    • A friend - be supportive, be helpful, and be honest with your mentee - acknowledge your imperfections and share your strengths so that they learn from you. And most important: be a good listener.
    • A role model - you are expected to set a good example to the mentee. It’s important that they see you as someone they want to look up to, and that you’re an advocate for them when dangers to their physical or emotional health and well-being are present.
    • A confidant - it’s important that you are as supportive as you can be, and help them realize their potential, regardless of the kinds of actions or attitudes they share with you.
    • A nurturer of possibilities - encourage your mentee to channel their gifts toward actions that make them a resource to others, whether at home, school, or in the community.

    Mentors are not:

    • A mentor to the family - your role as a mentor is to provide special attention to your mentee and contact with parents is discouraged.
    • A social worker or doctor - if your mentee tells you about experiences or health conditions that are a concern to you, please tell GISD staff - they are here to help you.
    • A savior - recognize that it’s not your job to fix problems for your mentee. You should see your role in this relationship as an opportunity to make a positive impact in their life.

    As a mentor, you will:

    • Attend a new mentor orientation where we will provide training
    • Meet with your mentee one-on-one, one day each week for 30 minutes on their campus, during school hours (usually during their lunch period)
    • Have the opportunity to empower and encourage your mentee

    If you’re interested in becoming a mentor and you do not have an existing profile with us, please complete the following:

    1. Mentor Background Check in our MVPS System*
    Required of all GISD mentors.
    Indicate in your profile that you would like to mentor by selecting “***mentor.” This will be separate from our other volunteer opportunity programs.

    New Mentor Existing Mentor

    *Our MVPS system manages all information regarding mentors, volunteers, partners, and supporters, including background checks, partnership approvals, volunteer information, and more.

    2. Sign the Mentor Agreement and complete the Mentor Application Details form
    These are emailed to you in the approval letter that's generated from our MVPS System. Please be sure to check your spam folder and make sure delivery from the domain from which the email was sent (ezcommunicator.com) is not being blocked. If you still are not receiving emails, and you think there might be an error in your email address, please log in and check the spelling in your profile. If you're still having trouble, please reach out to us at mentor@georgetownisd.org or call us at 512-943-1890. 

    3. An Orientation Session (Mentor training)
    Required of all GISD mentors. 
    Be sure to sign up for a date/time that works for you.
    Learn important program updates and ways to have a rewarding mentoring experience.

    Orientation Location:
    Hammerlun Center for Leadership & Learning 
    507 E. University Ave Georgetown, TX 78626

    Resources for Mentors
    Mentor Policies 
    How to register as a mentor in GISD