School Counseling

  • In Georgetown ISD, our mission is to inspire and empower every student to lead, grow, and serve. As a learning organization, our goal is to personalize learning experiences in a competency-based system.  

    The Georgetown ISD counseling team assists students in this pursuit by working collaboratively with each individual to identify and accomplish educational, career, and personal goals. Solving academic issues, assisting with educational and career planning, and helping to work through personal concerns are all important components of the counseling and guidance program in Georgetown ISD.  The Georgetown ISD Comprehensive Guidance Program is designed to align with the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling and our local Georgetown ISD beliefs and values.  

    As a result of these guidelines, schools counseling programs in Georgetown ISD:

    • Establish program goals based on the needs of the students, school, and community. 
    • Set professional growth goals and experience to continue learning and developing as counselors.
    • Develop processes and procedures for planning, implementing, and evaluating their programs.

Delivery of Services

  • Counseling for the Remote Learner

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Counseling Curriculum

  • Individual Student Planning

  • Responsive Services

  • Future Readiness

Multi-Tiered System of Support

Need a Break?

  • Visit the GISD Virtual Calming Site.

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    The Samaritan Center is providing virtual groups for GISD seventh-grade students in a remote learning environment who are interested in connecting with other GISD remote learners through a structured group called iConnect.  

    iConnect will help teens who are navigating transitions related to COVID-19 and will help students increase self-confidence, social skills, and coping skills. Although trying new groups can feel intimidating, the goal of this group is to help you create a life that feels more empowering and fulfilling. 

    iConnect is fully run through the Samaritan Center and is independent of GISD. 

    For questions, please contact the Samaritan Center at


    El Distrito Escolar Independiente de Georgetown (GISD, por sus siglas en inglés) está colaborando con Samaritan Center para ofrecer un grupo virtual para conectar a los aprendices remotos de 7mo grado con otros aprendices remotos de 7mo grado. El nombre de este grupo es iConnect. 

    iConnect les ayudará a los adolescentes que están navegando transiciones relacionadas con COVID-19 y les ayudará a aumentar su autoconfianza, sus habilidades sociales y sus habilidades para manejar la presión. Aunque puede sentirse intimidatorio probar nuevos grupos, el objetivo de este grupo es ayudarle al estudiante a crear una vida en que él/ella se siente más apoderado y que es más gratificante. 

    iConnect se ejecuta completamente a través del Samaritan Center y es independiente de GISD.

    Si tiene preguntas, comuníquese con Samaritan Center en

    English Flyer for Girls' Group

    Grupo de Ninas

    English Flyer for Boys'Group 

    Grupo de Ninos 



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