School Counseling

  • School Counselors 2018-2019

    The Georgetown ISD counseling team assists students to achieve their highest potential, working collaboratively with each individual to identify and accomplish educational, career, and personal goals. Solving academic issues, assisting with educational and career planning, and helping to work through personal concerns are all important components of the counseling and guidance program in Georgetown ISD. 
    The comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program model of Georgetown ISD promotes student success and growth with an emphasis on the following strands:
    • Self-confidence development
    • Motivation to achieve
    • Decision-making, goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving skills
    • Interpersonal effectiveness
    • Communication skills
    • Cross-cultural effectiveness
    • Responsible behavior
    To view a description of job duties for our counselors, please see below: 
    To view the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Ethical Standards, please click here.
Last Modified on August 9, 2018