• Talking to Students about COVID-19

    During the time Georgetown ISD campuses are closed, counselors will continue to support the needs of our students and families. The safety and emotional well being of our students is the top priority for our Counseling Services Department as well as all Georgetown ISD staff. 

    We recognize that our students may feel additional stress and anxiety during this period of uncertainty. Beginning March 23rd, students or parents can request to speak with their school counselor while schools are closed by emailing their counselor using the information at the bottom of this page. 

    School counselors will be available to respond to emails and appointments can be made to connect with a parent or student via phone or video conferencing if needed.  Responses and appointments would occur during normal operating hours while schools remain closed.

    In the event of a medical or mental health emergency, please do not email your school counselor.  Instead, contact the following sources immediately: 

    You can find your campus counselor through our directory. Search by position> counselor. 

    Additional Resources: 

    For a list of local community resources, please see the GISD community resource guide or visit www.auntbertha.com.

    There are a number of resources online for families to discuss COVID-19 with students.  Some of these are listed below:

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School Counseling

  • In Georgetown ISD, our mission is to inspire and empower every student to lead, grow, and serve. The Georgetown ISD counseling team assists students in this pursuit by working collaboratively with each individual to identify and accomplish educational, career, and personal goals. Solving academic issues, assisting with educational and career planning, and helping to work through personal concerns are all important components of the counseling and guidance program in Georgetown ISD.

    The Georgetown ISD Comprehensive Guidance Program is designed to align with the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling, the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model, and our local Georgetown ISD beliefs and values.  

    As a result of these guidelines, schools counseling programs in Georgetown ISD:

    • Establish program goals based on the needs of the students, school, and community. 
    • Set professional growth goals and experience to continue learning and developing as counselors.
    • Delivery guidance curriculum that is based on student needs and aligned with developmentally appropriate student competencies.
    • Work with students individually through their academic, career, personal, and social development.
    • Provide preventative, remedial, or crisis oriented responsive services for students.
    • Develop processes and procedures for planning, implementing, and evaluating their programs.
  • Guidance Curriculum

    The purpose of the guidance curriculum is to teach students how to develop transferable skills.  The guidance curriculum is taught in the classroom through developmental learning activities with planned lessons with various sized groups of students.

  • Individual Student Planning

    The purpose of individual student planning is to guide all students as they plan, monitor, and manage their individual educational, career, personal, and social development.

    Individual student planning includes assisting parents and students as they navigate grade-level transitions using the GISD Course Guide and helping students prepare and plan for specialized high school courses and pathways based on individual student interests.  Finally, it involves supporting students as they explore post-secondary options through resources such as Naviance.

  • Responsive Services

    The purpose of responsive services is to intervene on behalf of students whose immediate personal concerns or circumstances put their continued educational, career, personal, and social development at risk.  Based on the level of need, responsive services may be preventive, remedial, or crisis oriented.

Title First Last Phone Email
Director of Guidance and Wellness David Rainey 512-943-5000 ext. 6014 raineyd@georgetownisd.org
Coordinator of School Counseling Amy Rodriguez 512.943.5000 ext 6014 rodrigueza7@georgetownisd.org
Administrative Assistant - Guidance and Wellness Grayce Thornton 512-943-5000 ext. 6014 thorntong@georgetownisd.org
Social Emotional Learning Specialist Heather Casstevens Moeller 512-943-5000 ext. 6014 moellerh@georgetownisd.org