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    G-Suite Training

    Google provides free online guided training on how to use Gmail and most G Suite apps, called G Suite Training.  You must login to the Google Chrome web browser to access it.

    1. On a computer, open the Google Chrome web browser.

    2. In the top right, click on the button with a person:

    Sign In  
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    3. Click the blue Sign in to Chrome:

    Sign In
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    4. Sign in with your Georgetown ISD Google account (your email address and password). Bonus! Doing this also logs you into your GISD Google apps, such as Gmail and Google Calendar.

    5. Open Gmail or any other Google app that you want to learn more about, and be sure you are logged in with your Georgetown ISD Google account.

    6. At the top right of the screen, click on the G Suite Training Logo:


    7. Click on one of the recommended topics for a quick step-by-step training.
    8. Or use the Search to get a step-by-step training on the topic you need to know.
    9. Turn on your sound, and follow the directions as the G Suite Training walks you through the task.