• Schedule change requests must be made in writing, with a parent signature, within five (5) days of the start of class.

    Click here :  Advanced class schedule change form

    Requests may not be approved.

    Requests for schedule changes will be approved for the following reasons:

    1. Error in schedule (This will be confirmed by counselor and the course verification form. If the course verification form was not returned, this request will be denied.)

    2. Student failure in prerequisite course

    3. Change in program/level (athletics, band, choir, orchestra, etc.)

    4. Level changes as recommended by teachers and counselor with parental knowledge and principal approval

    All requests must be submitted in writing within five (5) days of the start of class, and counselors have the first 10 days of the semester to complete schedule change requests – not all requests will be approved.

    Requests will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Students must follow their current schedule until they have been notified by the Counseling Office that the schedule change is complete or that the request will not be approved.

    Counselors will contact the student when we have completed the schedule change – students do not need to come to the counseling office to check on their request. 

    For information regarding Adding/Dropping a Pre-AP/AP class – per GISD guidelines – please refer to the PreAP/AP Course Commitment form and the current Georgetown ISD Secondary Course Catalog. www.georgetownisd.org

    Students taking Pre-AP/AP courses will abide the Pre-AP/AP Course Commitment and the guidelines for Petition for Pre-AP/AP Course Exit.

    Students taking high school credit courses while in middle school will abide the Pre-AP/AP Course Commitment and the guidelines for Petition for Pre-AP/AP Course Exit.

    If you submit the Schedule Change Form, we will attempt to make the change. We will not contact you first to discuss the changes; we will make the requested changes if there is availability. Please note that requesting a schedule change may cause many or even all of your classes to change.

    Once you submit the Schedule Change Form it is with the understanding that if the change is made, it is final. Schedule change forms are available in the Counseling Office.

    Schedule changes are made the first five days of the semester, Sept. 14-Oct. 2nd for Pre-AP classes, and the first week of Dec. for the spring semester.

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