Facility Scheduling & Rental

  • GISD uses SchoolDude FSDirect, an online facility scheduling system, to reserve spaces and coordinate support for internal events and external rentals.  Facility requests are submitted online.  Requests route through an approval process and become activated schedules upon final approval.  Please see the sections below for more information on submitting requests for internal and external events.

    Internal/GISD Events 

    This section is for staff members to request facilities for staff/student activities.  This is not for external activities (booster club, PTA, non-profit, for-profit, etc.).

    Examples of Internal/GISD Events:
    open house, parent info night, book fair, staff meeting, coach's meeting with parents, volleyball game, choir concert, student council meeting, professional learning, etc.
    Requesters: general staff members  


    Site Admins, Service Providers:
    staff with high-level access 

    For campuses or admin facilities using Google Calendar to schedule rooms, please be aware that all after-hour activities must be scheduled within FSDirect.  After-hour activities are defined as: activities occuring any time outside of school hours (campuses) or business hours (admin facilities).  Approvers will need to cross-reference FSDirect schedules with Google Calendar schedules to avoid double-bookings.   


    External/Rental Events

    This section is for external organizations (including staff representing external organizations) to request the use of GISD facilities.  External organizations include booster clubs, PTA, youth groups/clubs/camps/clinics, non-profit and for-profit organizations.  

    Examples of External/Rental Events: 
    PTA activities (meetings, fundraisers, sponsored events, etc.), Booster Club activites (meetings, dinners, fundraisers, sponsored events, etc.), athletic activites for non-GISD/non-campus teams (practices, games, tournaments, etc.), scouting activities, church activities, etc.
    Step 1 - Read the Facility Usage Handbook.

    Step 2 - Use the CommunityUse Registration Guide to register as a contact for your organization.

    Step 3 - Upon registration approval, use the CommunityUse Request Guide to submit facility use requests.
    Insurance: GISD must have your current insurance on file showing coverage for all dates requested.  If your insurance is expired or does not cover all of the dates being requested, you must submit an updated insurance certificate at the time of request.  Insurance requirements are outlined in the Facility Usage Handbook.  Requests submitted without insurance coverage will be declined.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS REQUIREMENT WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED FOR ALL REQUESTS SUBMITTED 9/17/18 AND FORWARD.  
    New Requests: Requests for the 2018-19 school year will not be processed until internal/GISD schedules have been finalized.

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