Facility Scheduling & Rental

  • GISD uses an online facility scheduling system called FSDirect (SchoolDude) to reserve spaces and coordinate support for events.  Facility requests are submitted online.  Requests route through an approval process and become activated schedules upon final approval.  Please see the sections below for more information.

    :  All rental events for the 2021-22 school year may be submitted beginning Sunday, August 1 for events beginning Monday, August 9.  Rental events are not permitted the first week of August.  Theater rentals (PAC & EVT) are not available during the months of July and August.  Please remember, facility requests are not completely approved until you receive an email notification stating APPROVED/ACTIVATED.  Please allow time for requests to be processed as our staff prioritize internal schedules first. We appreciate your patience.

    GISD Events (staff) 

    This section is for staff members to request facilities for GISD activities.  All activities occuring outside of school hours (campuses) or business hours (admin facilities) must be scheduled through FSDirect.  Examples: open house, book fair, staff meeting, volleyball game, choir concert, student council meeting, professional learning, parent info night, etc.

    Submit a Request: 
    Read the Requester Guide and use the link below to submit a request.

    FSDirect for high-level users:
    High-level users for FSDirect should use the link & guides below:


    Rental Events (external organizations)

    This section is for external organizations to request the use of GISD facilities.  This includes staff members who are part of an external organization.  Examples: PTA or Booster Club activities, athletic activities for non-GISD teams, scouting activities, church activities, etc.

    Step 1 - Read the Facility Usage Handbook.
    Step 2 - Use CommunityUse Guide 1 to register as a contact for your organization.  
    Step 3
    - Upon registration approval, use CommunityUse Guide 2 to submit requests.

    Facility Rental Requests for EACH School Year
    External organizations may submit requests for each school year beginning August 1 for events beginning August 9.  Rental events are not accepted the first week of August.  Please allow time for requests to be processed as our staff prioritize school-related events first. 
    GISD must have your current insurance on file showing coverage for all dates requested.  If your insurance is expired or does not cover all dates being requested, you must submit an updated insurance certificate at the time of request.      
    PAC and EVT theaters will be closed to rentals during the months of July & August.
    Playoff Games
    Other school districts who would like to request the use of GISD secondary athletic facilities should call the Athletics Department at (512) 943-5106.  
    Holiday / No Rental Dates
    The following dates have been designated "Holiday / No Rental" dates.  The online system will block rental requests for these dates.  If you are requesting multiple dates that span over any of these holidays, use the Normal Schedule Type and do not include these dates on your request.  
    2021-2022 School Year
    • 7/4/21 - 7/5/21
    • 9/4/21 - 9/6/21 
    • 11/25/21 - 11/26/21 
    • 12/18/21 - 12/26/21
    • 1/1/22
    • 4/15/22 - 4/18/22
      Rentals allowed on these dates; custodial fees 1.5 times normal rate
    • 11/27/21 - 11/28/21 
    • 3/17/22 - 3/20/22
    • 5/28/22 - 5/30/22
    2022-2023 School Year: 
    • TBD
    • TBD
    • TBD 
    • TBD
    • TBD
      Rentals allowed on these dates; custodial fees 1.5 times normal rate
    • TBD
    • TBD
    • TBD
    • TBD

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