Mr. Dustin Coffing

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    A little about me... I was born in Georgetown Tx.  I  graduated from The French Culinary Institute In NYC, Lousiana Culinary Institute and Texas State University.  I have a strong passion for cooking, hunting and anything outdoors. I have spent many years working in the culinary industry, therefore  I look forward to teaching others real-life cooking skills. I can't wait to meet you all and happy to help in anyway I can. 

    18-19 Class Schedule 

    A Day                                  B Day 

    1st-   Conference                   1st-  Conference 

    2nd-  Culianry 1 & Adv. Culinary           2nd-  

    3rd-  Culianry 1 & Adv. Culinary          3rd-  Conference  

    4th-   Conference                 4th-  Culinary Arts 

    5th-  Culinary Arts           5th- Culinary Arts