New Student Enrollment

  • Online enrollment is currently open for 2022-23 for all new students, including incoming pre-k and kindergarten students. Enrollment for new students, including kindergarten, for the 2023-2024 school year will be available on April 1, 2023.

    Georgetown Independent School District accepts enrollment from all students within the district boundaries who meet age, residency, and health requirements.  When enrolling a student for the first time in GISD, you will need an online pre-enrollment application.

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    Pre-Kindergarten Information

    *Students who wish to enroll at Richarte High School need to complete a separate online application prior to submitting their new student enrollment application.

    You will also need to provide a copy of the following documents to the campus registrar as part of your enrollment application:

    • Original certified birth certificate
    • Social security card (if available)
    • Driver's license or photo ID for parent/guardian registering student
    • Current immunization record  (Click here to review immunization requirements
    • Current proof of residency in GISD (rental agreement, current utility bill in your name (gas, electric, water), property tax statement, signed purchase contract)
    • Withdrawal form from previous school district if transferring from a Texas school
    • Most recent report card and/or transcripts
    • Additional required documentation if applying for pre-kindergarten based on qualifying criteria (see below)

    Campus registrars will contact you after you submit the application with any additional questions or documents needed for enrollment.  Students new to GISD high schools can also schedule counseling appointments after their enrollment application is approved to review course requests, graduation requirements, and additional information with their counselor. 

    If you need assistance, have questions about required documents, or have other questions about enrollment, please contact your campus registrar.  Elementary and middle school registrars are on break between 6/9/22 and 7/17/22 and will be in contact with parents who submit applications during that time period upon their return to campus. High school registrars are on contract year-round. 

    All required documents and your completed and approved online enrollment application are due to the campus registrar no later than 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 16th, 2022 in order to attend school on the first day of classes (Thursday, August 18th).  Walk-in enrollment is closed on the morning of the first day of school until 1 PM. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who needs to complete new student enrollment?

  • What are the requirements for kindergarten enrollment?

  • What are the requirements for pre-kindergarten enrollment?

  • How do I provide copies of required documents to the campus registrar?

  • Where can I get a certified copy of my child's birth certificate?

  • ⇒ If you have any additional questions about new student enrollment, please contact your campus registrar.  You can find a searchable directory on our district homepage at by clicking the "Directory" button or selecting the "Our Schools" button to view a directory specific to your zoned campus. 

Additional Resources

  • Do you know what school your child is attending?

    If not, please review our attendance zones webpage for more information. The “Zone Locator” allows you to enter your physical address to see your assigned home campus(es).

    Attendance Zones

    If you have an existing student enrolled at GISD already and want to register them for the upcoming school year, please visit our Returning Student Registration webpage for more information and to update your profile.

    Returning Student Registration

    If you need additional information regarding transferring your student, please visit our Student Transfer web page.

    Student Transfer Information

    If you have additional questions about new student enrollment, you can also contact us via Let’s Talk. We’ll get your questions routed to the appropriate department/campus for assistance.

    Let's Talk