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Mrs. Chancellor

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 Close your eyes and feel the word: math. Just the mention it may make you feel uneasy.  If that's true for you, know you're not alone! You can purchase shirts that tell math to "solve it's own problems"! Funny as that is, math is something everyone needs in life.  I feel as if I have a mission imprinted upon my soul to assist children comprehend math.

My mission is why I teach 3-5th grade math intervention on my campus. What does that mean? Many things. I'll list them for easy reading. 

1. My students struggle with math, and my job is to make it accessible. 

2. I follow a hands-on approach that is student-centered and developmentally appropriate.

3. We celebrate every accomplishment, no matter what!

4. Relationships matter in my classroom. That includes how children treat each other, how they treat me, AND how I treat them. 

5. Every day is a new beginnning. If a student had a bad day yesterday, that was yesterday. Today is a blank slate. 

6. Kids deserve the best teacher possible. I strive for that. 

7. Games, songs, and laughter strengthen us as adults. It's true of chilldren as well. The content may be deep, but the delivery doesn't have to be stark.

8. I aspire to empower struggling math learners by identifiying their needs and creating lesson plans that are engaging. 

9. I have more than ten years of experience, which is helpful.

10. I am not static in lesson planning. I continually research and attend training regarding math. In other words, I don't have a fille cabinet of lessons I've used for years. I use new learning, data, and student interests to create unique plans each year. 

Stop by my YouTube Channel to see videos I've uploaded to help! Chancellor's YouTube Channel

Please contact me anytime. I'm availalble at (preferred), or by phone 512-943-5000 ext 6871. I look forward to an exciting school year!


 J. Robyn Chancellor



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