Information on
    Injuries & Doctor's Visits

      Recognized by the American Medical Association as allied health professionals, athletic trainers specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses.
    What do I do if my son/daughter is injured and needs medical attention? 

    Athletic trainers have the training to recognize, evaluate, and assess injuries. Additionally, they provide immediate and long-term care, and rehabilitation services to athletes. If you suspect your child has sustained a non-life-threatening injury, please refer them to one of the Staff Athletic Trainers. No matter how minor an injury may appear to be a visit to the Staff Athletic Trainers may prevent it from developing into something more serious.

    Many athletes are under the misconception that if an athlete comes to the training room, they will have to sit out of all activities. Our goal is to allow the athlete to do as much as they can do without posing any further harm to themselves or others. Whether that means sitting out of practice entirely or restricting certain activities, we work with each athlete to make an individualized plan that fits their particular needs and goals.

    What do I do if it is determined that my son/daughter needs to go to the doctor or emergency room?
    The EVHS Athletic Training Staff aims to provide the best health care possible to all student-athletes includes having a relationship with several well-qualified and experienced doctors in the area.  We have established a network of doctors that are able to assist student-athletes associated with East View High School.  If we feel that an injury needs to be examined by a doctor we will gladly assist you in setting up an appointment to see one of our team doctors in a timely manner. The doctors we work with are more trained to handle athletic injuries and will also work with each student-athlete to make a plan that meets their needs and goals.


    If you feel that your child needs to see a doctor (including emergency room visits), we ask that you communicate that with one of the Staff Athletic Trainers  We are more than happy to seek the opinions of any doctor you feel comfortable with.
    Do I need to provide anything to the Staff Athletic Trainer if my son/daughter sees a doctor?

    Yes. It is a requirement of all student-athletes that see a doctor for ANY injury or illness that they provide a note from the doctor to the Staff Athletic Trainer upon returning to school even if there are no restrictions.  The note will be kept in their personal medical file in the athletic training room.  Providing the best medical care to your son or daughter is a collaborative effort, and we welcome the opportunity to work closely with other healthcare professionals to provide the best care for your child. However, any recommendations in regards to releasing or limiting your son or daughter in athletics must come directly from the physician. EVHS Injury Form 


    The note should state ANY of the following:

    • Any and all restrictions placed on the student-athlete for practice and/or competition.

    • A time frame for how long the doctor wants the restrictions placed on the student-athlete.

    • Any treatment that the doctor feels will benefit the student-athlete.

    • Any alternative forms of conditioning that may be acceptable during practice (i.e. riding a bike instead of running.)


    The note must specifically state that the student may resume athletic activity. A note stating that the student may return to school will not suffice.

    Any student-athlete that is seen by a doctor and does not provide a doctor's note will be required to sit out of all activities, including practices and games until a note is provided to one of the Staff Athletic Trainers. 
    If you feel your child needs to be held out of practice and you do not see a doctor, that needs to be communicated with the Staff Athletic Trainer and the Head Coach of their sport.  The communication must be via phone call or email.  We do not accept parent notes brought by the student-athlete.


    Any student-athletes that have restrictions placed on them for school sports must adhere to those same restrictions for any club sport they may be involved in.  Any violation will result in a loss of treatment privileges for that injury.  Staff Athletic Trainer will also bring the situation to the attention of sport head coach.