• Web Technologies

    Through the study of web technologies and design, students learn to make informed decisions and apply the decisions to the field of information technology. Students implement personal and interpersonal skills to prepare for a rapidly evolving workplace environment. The knowledge and skills acquired and practiced will enable students to successfully perform and interact in a technology-driven society. Students enhance reading, writing, computing, communication, and critical thinking and apply them to the information technology environment.

    Unit 1: Principles of Web Technology and Design
    Internet Fundamentals and Background
    Website Planning and Design
    Website Development - *Lesson in development
    Website Administration
    Using Online Search Tools to Locate and Evaluate Information
    Unit 2: Scripting with HTML, XML, and CSS
    Introduction to HTML: Scripting 
    Beginning Cascading Style Sheets
    Scripting with Client-Side Processing
    Unit 3: WYSIWYG Editor
    Creating a Navigation Bar
    Website Forms/Data Acquisition
    Unit 4: Web Graphics
    Designing a Web Page Layout with Bitmap and Vector Graphics Editor I
    Designing a Web Page Layout with Bitmap and Vector Graphics Editor II
    Motion Graphics and Animation
    Unit 5: Building a Basic Client Website
    Web Deployment - *Lesson in development
    Copyright Compliance
    Planning and Designing a Client Website
    Website Publishing Going Live