• Digital & Interactive Media  - 1 Credit Media

     Students create digital and interactive media using applications like Adobe Photoshop and Flash.  Students knowledge and skills acquired and practiced will enable them to successfully perform and interact in a technology-driven society. Students enhance reading, writing, computing, communication, and reasoning skills as applied to the information technology environment.

Semester 1

  • 1st Nine Weeks:

    • Intro to Digital Media
    • Exploring Careers & Emerging Technologies
    • Ethical Use of Technology
    • Digital Design & Illustration (Illustrator)

    2nd Nine Weeks:

    • Digital Photography (Photoshop)
    • Imaging & Printing

Semester 2

  • 3rd Nine Weeks:

    • Digital Animations (Flash)
    • Video Basics (Premiere Pro)

    4th Nine Weeks:

    • Audio Basics (Audition)
    • Web Design Basics (Dreamweaver)