• Welcome to Art 1

     6th Period, 7th Period


    Artist's will need the following supplies in order to have a successful year!
    Supply list:
    1- 12 pack of pencils
    1- 4 pack of Sharpies: colored, black, metallic (fine tip or regular)
    1-Container of disinfectant wipes, all purpose wipes, or baby wipes
    1-2pack of white of pink erasers
    2-Large durable white or colored poster boards
    1-Pack of colored pencils
    1-Sketchbook 9” X 12”
    1-Zipper pencil pouch


    Wish list:

    Wish list items are ANY Donations that you can contribute to our art program.

    **As always Extra supplies from our art supply list is always welcome and appreciated!

    • Wax paper
    • Newspaper
    • Felt or Fabric (the more the merrier)
    • Buttons/ old costume jewelry/ beads
    • Q-tips
    • String or yarn
    • Heavy duty aluminum foil
    • Old books/ Magazines (age appropriate)
    • Printed/ Solid colors Duct tape
    • Scraps of wood

    If you’re unsure about something you have, and think it may be useful in our art class, send me an email. Most likely, I will take whatever you have!


    This year in art we will have a electronic portfolio so that students may submit there art  work through GOOGLE CLASSROOM. It is very important that students sign up for the correct class so there art work is not mixed up in another class. Also downloading the free apps Google Classroom and Google Slides, on to an electronic device will help the artist's access/edit their portfolio easier. 

    6th Period---------------- 240gfe
    7th Period----------------  fjg3wt
    Student's will use their student email assigned to them through Georgetown ISD.
    It is their computer username@georgetownisd.org