All Athletes
    > Will travel to and from all away meets with the team. If, for some reason, an athlete needs to ride home with their parents, the coaches must be notified in writing before leaving for the meet (at least 24 hours in advance).  Under no circumstances will an athlete be released to ride with anyone other than their parents, or a person designated by their family.

    > Will dress neatly and properly on all trips. Coaches will advise the swimmers in regard to the proper attire.

    > Will conduct himself/herself properly on the school bus or in any school vehicle. He/she will follow the printed rules for bus ridership that govern all Georgetown ISD bus riders.

    > Will receive permission from the coach before bringing any radios, electronic games, etc., aboard the bus.

    > Will be informed of departure and return times. It is your responsibility to be on time for all departures and to inform your parents of the pick-up time after a meet. Every effort will be made by the coaching staff to notify proper personnel as to unexpected changes in arrival time.

    Only coaches, players, trainers, and/or school administrators are allowed to ride the team bus.


    All Athletes

    > Will abide by the curfew set by the head coach.

    > Will not be in different gender rooms at any time.

    > Will travel to and from the meet with the team.

    > Will be aware that coaches may ask to check the athlete’s bags before leaving for the trip.

    > Will adhere to the expectations for students in the GISD Student Code of Conduct.

    > Will not use alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use (including no electronic cigarettes or inhalants)

    > Will help keep the bus clean, and will help clean the bus after each meet once we return to the school.




    > Towel
    > Goggles
    > Swim cap

    > Water bottle, prefer ½ gallon insulated sport jug

    > Flip flops or pool side shoes

    > Swimmers ear drops -  use after every swim

    > Sunscreen if outdoors

    > Team shirt and shorts or sweatpants

    > Track suit or parka for cool weather meets

    > Snacks

    (Make sure all items are clearly marked with swimmer name.)

    > Tent for outdoor meets
    > Chair
    > Hat
    > Sunscreen
    > Drinks
    > Snacks