•  Be kind

    Week of August 20-24

    "Get to know a new friend in your class.  Ask them about one thing they did this summer."

     Week of August 27-31

    "Cleaning up after yourself."  Whether you are in your classroom, the bathroom, or the lunchroom... Always clean up after yourself.  

     Week of Sept. 4-7

    "Do the right thing- Be Respectful."  When an adult at school or home makes a request, say.. Yes ma'am or Yes sir.  Do it quickly without arguing back.

     Week of Sept. 10-14

    "Give a Compliment."  Think of something nice to say to a friend or classmate.  Give them a compliment.

    Week of Sept. 17-20

    "Keep yourself and others safe."  If you or someone else is being hurt, report it to a safe adult.

    Week of Sept. 24-28

    "Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  "The Golden Rule."  Do a self check and make sure you are being kind and respectful to others.

    Week of Oct. 1-5

    "If you get upset about something today that doesn't go your way, think of one positive thing about the event that can help you feel better.

    Week of Oct. 8-11

    "Each day this week, think of 1 thing in your life that you are happy about....by the end of the week, you will have a list of at least 5!"

    Week of Oct. 16-19

    "Each day ask a friend, classmate, staff member, family member, or someone you know what they are happy about."

    Week of Oct. 22-26

    "Be kind to others when they are speaking."  Put away all distractions (phone, tablet, games), use good eye contact, and give them your full attention.

    Week of Oct. 29-Nov. 2

    "Let a classmate go in front of you in line."   This is a great way to show kindness.  It's important to realize that we are all going to the same place.

    Week of Nov. 5-9

    "When working together in groups, be kind to others by listening to everyone's ideas and being open to suggestions."  This way everyone is involved and participates

    Week of Nov. 11-15

    "During this Thanksgiving season, look around for opportunities to thank people in your life who help you."  Giving them a kind word or writing them a thank you note will show them kindness.

    Week of Nov. 26-30

    "Share with others." Notice when a classmate may need something and make every effort to share with them this week!

    Week of Dec.3-7

    "Look for someone you can help during this season of giving."  Donate your time to helping a friend, neighbor, or family member with something.  Show them an act of kindness.

    Week of Dec. 10-14

    "Everyone from time to time has hurst someone's feelings.  Apologize to someone that you have been unkind to or hurt their feelings and let them know you are honestly sorry."

     Week of Jan. 8-11

    As the new year begins....

    "Be kind to yourelf and pick one goal you want to work on to improve yourself."

    Week of Jan. 14-18

    Our Big Idea of the month is Self-Control..."Be kind to yourself and others by remembering to use self control every day."  examples:

    1. choosing not to say mean words to others
    2. keeping your hands to yourself
    3. reducing the amount of time you play video games
    4. sticking to your 20109 goal you set last week

    Week of Jan. 22-25

    "This week, make an efort to include everyone in the game even if you have to take turns, this way no one feels left out."

    Week of Jan. 28-Feb. 1

    "Make a list of things you would like in a friend....(for example: kindess, likes the same things as you do, fun, treats me nice, ect...) Then, ask yourself am I treating others like  I want to be treated?"

    Week of Feb. Feb. 4-8

    "When getting upset or angry, practice patience by counting to ten and taking deep breaths (or use any other cool down strategies that work for you."

    Week of Feb. 11-15

    "The Big Idea is Service this month....so please look around for things you can do to help others this week!"

    Week of Feb. 18-22

    "Write a note or tell someone in person why they are special to you."

    Week of February 25-March 1

    "Do something nice for a friend....open a door for them, help them with something they are having trouble doing, give them a compliment, listen to them if they need help solving a problem...."

    Week of March 4-8

    "Pay it forward."  Do something nice or say something nice to someone and watch them pass on the kindness to someone else.  Pretty soon you have a chain of kindness spreading across Village.

    Week of March 18-22

    "Be honest."  Look for opportunities this week to be honest at home and at school.  Practice making the right choice?

Last Modified on March 22, 2019