•  Be kind


    Week of August 20-28


    Begin the new school year with kindness remembering The Big 3: Treat others right, make smart decisions, maximize your potential.


    Week of August 31-Sept. 4


    Since we are all still learning from home this week, show kindness by doing a chore around the house for someone without being asked.


    Week of Sept. 7-11


    As you get to know others in your class, remember to treat them with kindness and respect both online and in person.


    Week of Sept. 14-18

    This month's Big Idea is “Friendship”..... so, ask yourself how can I treat others with kindness through my words and actions that show I am a good friend?


    Week of Sept. 21-25


    Part of being a good friend, is being a good listener... if your friend is having a problem, find out how you can help? If it's a BIG problem, find a safe adult to help them!


    Week of Sept.28-Oct. 2

    Start with Hello week activities


    Week of Oct. 5-9

    This month's Big Idea is "Integrity"... so show kindness by always telling the truth to others.


    Week of Oct. 12-16

    Find something nice to say about someone either in your class, at lunch, or at recess. Giving them a compliment will show them kindness.


    Week of Oct. 19-23

    We may have some new in person learners this week.. be kind to them by making them feel welcome and helping them get to know the classroom rules/routines.


Last Modified on October 14, 2020