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  • Board Briefs are monthly, high-level updates following regularly scheduled workshops and meetings of the GISD Board of Trustees. 

    Look for Board Briefs each month following regularly scheduled workshops and meetings of the board. These updates are designed to help keep you informed on important activities and decisions in the district.

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  • May 6 Board Workshop

    Posted by Website Administrator on 5/9/2024

    You can view the full workshop slide deck here.


    SHAC Annual Presentation

    Director of Health Services Mindy Petty presented an update from the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC).

    HB 3908 Tucker’s Law requires the SHAC to recommend to the board the appropriate grade levels and curriculum for instruction in the dangers of opioids, including addiction to and abuse of fentanyl.

    The SHAC advised:

    • The continuation of bringing outside speakers in to speak on the dangers of opioid use at secondary campuses

    • The expansion of The National Guard/DEA helicopter event to all elementary schools

    Mental Health subcommittee work:

    • Counseling services created a resource map that walks through the process of recognizing the need of a student and how to connect them to the appropriate resources.

    The SHAC recommended a district-wide rebranding of our mentor program to encourage participation from more students in an effort to support student well-being by:

    • Differentiate mentoring, as well as mentor training, to mirror student needs - different mentors for different student needs.

    • Provide opportunities for relationship development between campuses and potential mentors.

    • Expand the user groups from counseling services to a whole school approach.

    SHAC Medical Health goals:

    • Prevent/ decrease first day of school exclusions.

    • Increase student attendance.

    • Increase resources to GISD families/ staff for getting/ staying vaccinated.

    • Increase opportunities for education on preventable illness/disease

    In an effort to meet these goals, the SHAC recommended to the board:

    • An annual Beginning of the Year Vaccine Clinic open to all students

    • Annual Fall Flu & COVID Vaccine Clinic for staff and students

    Budget Update #5

    CFO Jennifer Hanna presented a budget update and a recommendation for 2024-25 staff compensation.

    Hanna noted a few factors to consider when looking at school funding:

    • Districts have seen double-digit inflation in basic utilities, fuel, and construction costs since 2019. If the state-funded basic allotment is adjusted for inflation, it would increase funding by $1,000/student.

      • For GISD, that adjustment would net a $12.6M increase in revenue.

    • Georgetown ISD, along with other public school districts, saw a significant reduction in School Health and Related Services (SHARS) funding ($1.8M) in 2024. 

    • As a “property wealthy” district, GISD is projected to send $21 million back to the state next year in the form of recapture. 

    Steps taken to reduce 2024/25 budget deficit:

    • Reduction of central office + support positions

    • Increase high school + middle school class size 

    • Decrease department budgets

    • Increase attendance

    • Expenditure reductions are still being considered to date

    A talking points document was created to highlight factors impacting the budget.

    The board is anticipated to adopt the 2024-2025 budget at the June 17 board meeting.

    Compensation Recommendation:

    The district is projecting a possible 3.5% or 3% compensation increase for teachers with 2% for all other staff. This would result in a budget deficit of $4 to $5M, which is lower than previous years. Current cost-cutting measures have not been factored into this amount. 

    The district is recommending a 3.5% increase to the trustees, to bring starting teacher pay to $56,500 and instructional aides to $16.

    The board is anticipated to adopt the compensation plan at the May 20 board meeting.


    2024 Bond Update

    Dr. Padavil thanked voters for approving all 4 propositions on the #2024GISDBond totaling $649.5 million.

    • Prop A: Facilities

      • approved by 70% of voters

    • Prop B: Technology

      • approved by 67% of voters

    • Prop C: Fine Arts

      • approved by 63% of voters

    • Prop D: Athletics

      • approved by 61% of voters

    You can read the full announcement on our website

    Election results will be canvassed at a special board meeting on May 15. 

    Next Board Workshop

    Monday, June 3
    11 a.m. at the Hammerlun Center for Leadership and Learning

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