• Hello! My name is Shawn Stoeffler, and I am the head wrestling coach and I teach in the BCS unit at East View High School. I graduated from Northland College with BS in Outdoor Education/ Adventure Education. This is my 17th year in education and my first here at East View High School.

    When I am not coaching and teaching, I enjoy spending time traveling with my wife and our three dogs. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, training martial arts, training for triathlons, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.


    For Wrestling please follow the link https://eastviewwrestling.weebly.com      






     Phone:  512-943-1800                                               My daily schedule

     ext: 8083                                                                   A Day Schedule

     Email:stoeffler@georgetownisd.org                            1A: Wrestling

                                                                                    2A: Conference

                                                                                    3A: BCS

                                                                                    4A: BCS

                                                                                    5A: BCS

                                                                                      B Day Schedule

                                                                                    1B: Wrestling


                                                                                    3B: BCS

                                                                                    4B: BCS

                                                                                    5B: BCS