• As part of the 2015 Bond package, GISD purchased 21 buses over three years.

    • School Year 2015/2016 GISD purchased 7 Buses for a total of $675,609. 
    • School Year 2016/2017 GISD purchased an additional 7 buses in the amount of $667,477. 
    • School Year 2017/2018 the GISD purchased 7 additional buses in the amount of $649,427. 

    This brings the total to $1,992,513 in bond funds to purchase 21 school buses.  Out of the 21 buses, six were Special Needs Buses and 15 were Regular Education Buses. The 15 Reg Ed buses were 77 passenger and included seat belts. The previous model buses were only 72 passengers and did not include seat belts.   

    The districted add buses to our fleet and added carrying capacity to our routes.  As the district continues to grow, we will continue to add buses to our fleet and be able to replace older buses as GISD has one of the oldest average fleets in Central Texas. 

Last Modified on March 2, 2018