Business Services

  • Contact us for inquiries related to the district's payroll, budget, finance, and accounting. 
    512-943-5000, Ext. 6086
    Fax: 512-943-1896

Business Services Staff Directory

Title First Name Last Name Phone Email
Chief Financial Officer Scott Tipton 512-943-5009
Director-Finance Carol Malcik 512-943-5000 X6061
Director-Purchasing Angie Marsh 512-943-5000 X6080
Manager-Accounting Karin Sladek 512-943-5000 X6063
Manager-Purchasing Donna Colburn 512-943-5000 X6064
Payroll Lead John Henderson 512-943-5000 X6059
Accounts Payable Specialist Michelle Barlow 512-943-5000 X6065
Accounts Payable Specialist Lisa Torres 512-943-5000 X6118
Budget Specialist Patty Collins 512-943-5000 X6086
Payroll Specialist Fiona Ellis 512-943-5000 X6079
Payroll Specialist Jamie Williams 512-943-5000 X6062
Mail Clerk Lana Weeks 512-943-5000 X7550
Textbook/Fixed Assets Manager Amy Melching 512-943-5000 X6027