• What intervention is used with dyslexic students?

    In the dyslexia intervention classes, we use the district approved curriculum Basic Language Skills (BLS). BLS is an intensive, multi-sensory curriculum that meets the guidelines of the Texas Dyslexia Legistation and is effective with students with dyslexia and other related reading difficulties. Students are taught reliable reading and spelling patterns of the English language. BLS is an Orton-Gillingham based curricula that provides instruction in phonemic awareness, letter recognition, decoding, spelling, fluency, comprehension, handwriting, vocabulary, and oral and written expression. 


    Will my child's dyslexia "go away" with intervention?

    No, there is no cure for dyslexia. However, early identification and intervention can help a child be as successful as his/her non-dyslexic peers.


    When will my child receive services?

    Students who receive dyslexia services go to a dyslexia teacher for 45 minutes, 4 days per week. 


    How long will my child be in intervention classes?

    Every child has different abilities and works at a different pace. BLS is typically a 3 year program but a child can be exited earlier or remain in the program longer. 


    What other services will my child receive?

    Depending on the needs of your child, there are accommodations that can be put in place to help your child be successful in the classroom. These are specific to each child according to his/her abilities and needs. Accommodations are put in place during your annual 504 meeting, but can always be updated at any time if necessary. 


    How will I know if my child is responding to the program?

    Each BLS lesson is called a concept. After every 25 concepts, a short assessment is given to determine mastery of the concepts taught. You will receive a progress report after every assessment is given. In addition, you are welcome and encouraged to call or email if you ever want to know how your child is doing. You will also be updated about your child's progress at your annual 504 meeting.


    Will my child miss anything from his/her class?

    No, your child attends dyslexia classes during an intervention/enrichment block. He/she is not pulled out of core instruction time. 


    Will my child be upset/feel nervous about going to a special class?

    While every child is different, in my experience, children love coming to class! They work in a small group on skills with which they are struggling, they form close, lasting relationships, and they get to feel successful, which builds confidence. They work hard, but they have fun too!


    What can I do at home to help my child?

    Read! Read with your child, read to your child, listen to your child read, ask your child questions about what they read, read menus, read traffic signs, read magazines, get on Learning Ally and get your child listening and following along to audio books. Reading is a difficult task in itself, and half the battle is developing a love of reading, especially for a struggling reader. Make reading FUN!