• Advanced Geometry

    Welcome to Advanced Geometry.  This is a class in which high school credit may be earned while in the 8th grade.  Being an advanced class, higher level thinking will be a expected each and every day.   
    By this level, many students choose to purchase a graphing calculator.  We use the TI-84 plus in class.  Any sort of TI 84 plus, especially the TI 84 plus CE would be an excellent choice.  The purchase of a calcuator is NOT required.  Online calculators are available if needed. 
    This is an advanced class.  By district policy, only one one retest on a major unit exam is allowed per nine weeks.  The highest grade that may be earned on a retest is a 70.
    Additional Practice
    If you need additional practice, consider the following
          This is a subscription site but it does offer some free problems each day.
    8th grade students take the PSAT.
    8th grade geometry students take the 8th grade STAAR.